Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dolly Wink : Big Eye Challenge Event (Warning scary photo included!)

Haven't been to many events in the past 3 years so this was 1 event I was looking forward to.

Before the event:
Online registration was quite a mess as we have to make payment ($10) before sending in the registration form online. Due to too many participants the organisers took 1 week to get back to us with the confirmation email. Most of us receive the confirmation just days before the event.

We were given 30min timeslots to chose from which was quite pointless as we end up queuing for more than an hour.

Queued about 45mins to reach the first counter to receive the goodie bag coupon, $10 voucher, a little booklet and a feedback form to fill up. Followed by queuing and waiting for another 15mins to enter the event space in a group.

Once we enter the space they inform us that we have to first go thru the 5 "counters" to learn about eye makeup, followed by going into another event space where we will collect our goodie bag and start to do our eye makeup. We are allowed to do makeup for 1 eye only as there wasn't enough time for us to complete both eyes.

Learning to put on eye makeup:
The 5 counters had girls who would explain the eye makeup "skill" according to what's on the little booklet. Wasn't very clear but I also didn't know what to ask either. Everyone in the group couldn't wait to enter the next event space to get some hands on experience.

Finally at the small but very packed event space:
We were rushed to the goodie bag area first. Gave them our coupons and they give us a cute little bag and ask us to choose faux eyelashes. I chose something that looks simple and natural to me.

Thereafter we were informed to quickly sit down and start doing our eye makeup as we do not have anymore time. By then it was already 4pm and the guests were going to be on stage soon! I had to look for a seat in the packed room but was lucky that a mother and daughter pair offered me a seat when someone else got up.. Once I sat down I stared at the tools on the table and felt like something was missing..

At our table there were 5 of us but there were only 3 mirrors.
Eyeliners, eyeshadow, eyelash glue we can share but sharing 3 mirrors among us was quite a feat as all of us were trying to get it done quickly..

So I used this tiny little mirror to do my eye makeup!

The second thing that I wanted to reach out for was not to be found.. guess what is it?
No eyelash curler!

Did my eye makeup as quickly as I could and hastily got up so that others can have a chance.. Then I rushed to another counter to purchase eyeliner and eyelash glue so that I can complete makeup for the other eye on my own..

Here's the scary photo..
(no big eye contact lens used here, just simple eye makeup)

At around 4+pm the guests arrives, the tables were moved and a sitting area was created in front of the little stage. Here's Xiaxue and Kellykonomi laughing about something Xiaxue said. I think she made fun of her own age or something like that..

Took a photo with Xiaxue before rushing off~

Rushing off to complete the other eye of cause!

And rush back home to see my little one who kept asking me to draw her eyes like this! LOL.
so I supposed I did okay? hahaha.

Top row : Goodie Bag + Free gift
Bottom Row : Items I bought

Goodie Bag contains:
1 Pair of Faux Eyelash
1 set of eye shadow
1 eye shadow pen thingy and
1 small bottle of eye makeup remover.

Total spent:
$10 for registration.
$39.80 for 1 Eyeliner, 1 box of faux eyelashes and 1 tube of eyelash glue.

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