Friday, August 28, 2015

Simple Art Activity : Paper Monster/Alien

When you need a quick activity with your child and you do not have time for much preparation work.. This activity is really simple and easy! Minimal materials needed and minimal items to prepare too. :D

Materials :
  • Coloured Paper (I am using origami paper from Daiso 24 colours/180 sheets)
  • Glue
  • Pom pom balls (optional)

Steps for Preparation and Activity :
1. Leave 2 pieces of the coloured paper as "base/body" and cut up the remaining coloured paper into different shapes and sizes.

2. After telling my little one that we are going to make monsters for activity, I got her to choose some poms poms for eyes. If you don't have poms poms you can use hold puncher to punch some holes on coloured paper to be used as eyes, or you can draw dots on paper to be used as eyes.

3. Starting with the eyes, slowly glue on features of the monster/alien.

As you do this activity together with your kid you will notice many things about him/her.
  • He/She may get ideas from what you are doing, sometimes attempting to do exactly the same thing. 
  • Sometimes he/she may get animated and starts telling you stories about the monster.
  • Sometimes he/she may have certain ideas about his/her artwork but couldn't do it due to skill. 
  • Sometimes you may notice he/she likes playing with glue more.
  • Sometimes you may realise he/she is actually more arty (creative) than you are...

These are our monsters.
I'm not very creative but it looks cute right? *self praise*

The thing about Monster/Alien is that there's no "form" that you must comply with.. so you can just paste it anyway you like. It's your monster and only you can judge if it's done "right".

Any simple craft you've done with your kid this week? :)

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