Sunday, August 09, 2015

Fine Motor Skill : Beans Sorting for Plastic Cup Shaker

I needed some time to clean up the house, finding some leftover party cups I decide to let my little one do a little activity, this also acts as a quiet time activity.

We did a few more actives with this Beans shaker. Details in the next post.

*If you have a toddler that still puts small objects in his/her mouth, do change the beans to edible stuffs like cereals?

Materials :
  • 6 Plastic Cups
  • 6 Different types of Beans
  • Paper
  • Scotch Tape

Steps :
1. Place handfuls of different type of beans into a small container. Just some beans will do as too many beans may put the kid off and he/she may not want to complete the task.

2. Demonstrate how to sort the beans.

3. Leave kid to sort the beans. Or if you are free you can have a mini "competition" to see who sorts faster? :D

4. After sorting, make a cover for the cup using paper and scotch tapes.

Looks a little like a caterpillar. :P

All beans sorted and cups covered !

Not very nicely done but the beans looks very cute in the cups no? haha

Take note! Doing this project will make your house really noisy for the next week days.. :P

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