Saturday, August 29, 2015

Last 2 days to enjoy VIP discounts + Free shipping + Free gift*! (Code : TBC541)

As a busy SAHM (yes I am busy one okay..) I shop online a lot.. The awesome thing about shopping online is that your items are usually shipped/delivered straight to your doorstep so you don't have to spend time queuing up to pay for items and then carry the heavy load home!

I've blogged about this site before but I'm blogging again today to share the news  that they are currently having a special promotion for this month (yes I know left 2 days!!), ALL Customers get to enjoy the discounts of the VIP Discount Program!

5% off any order less than $40
8% off any order $40.01 to $49.99
9% off any order $50.00 to $59.99
10% off any order $60 or more
This discount is on top of their usual discounted prices and volume discount!


You may think that shipping from the US must be very expensive or takes very long to be delivered to you right?

Wrong! Shipping by Singpost (with Tracking!) for orders below usd40 is only usd4!
and now if you purchase above usd40 shipping is FREE!!!!

I don't know how long will the free shipping promo last but it's super worth it I tell yah! Free shipping for 6kg worth of items from the US leh! and and.. It only takes 4-8 business days to be delivered! (Usually receive the items in a week.)


If you're a first time buyer: you can choose a FREE item from this page!

Want to save more? Use code TBC541
New customers will save $10 on purchases of $40 or more. Or $5 on orders under $40.


Even though the website name has the word Herb on it, they sell lots of other items too!

Items usually purchased by mummies : 
Supplements (Vitamins are cheaper here!)
Groceries (Organic food! Yummy cookies! Cheaper Chia Seeds, Nuts!)
For Kids/Babies/Toddlers (From Snacks to Baby Bath items to Herbal Remedies)
Home Care (Top of my must-buy list Household Cleaners !)

Not sure what to get?
Here's a List of Brands available: HERE.

These are what I bought previously : ❤ 2nd Order, ❤ 3rd Order.
4th Order is on it's way to me and I'm most probably going to make my 5th order before this special VIP discount ends!

Hope you save as much as I did! :D

Friday, August 28, 2015

Toys Sale Isetan Westgate B1 Event Hall (21 Aug - 3rd Sept)

Was at Jurong East because I wanted to buy some stuffs at the supermarket. Decide to walk around the area and I saw a poster outside Isetan saying that there's Toys Sale at their event hall.

Even though I think we have way too many toys at home I still couldn't resist and went in to take a look. :p

Price Range :
From $3, Sale stated as up to 50% off but some of the items have more than 50% discount.

Range: Even though the event hall is not huge there are still a wide range of toys.
Disney (Monster Inc.), some plastic dolls, soft toys, robot cars?, Shopkins?, card games, Hello Kitty, trains, road construction set?, bags, cars, loom bands, play dough, etc..

Is it a must-go Sale? :
In my opinion? Nah.. I don't have many kids to buy toys for and some of the toys are a few seasons old so I don't think it's very good as gifts lah haha.
That said, if I happen to be in the area I would probably check them out again cause I did snag a few items yesterday. :P

These look like toys that I would play. LOL.

There are 2 different hair braiding sets and I was really tempted to get it cause I'm really terrible at braiding hair. I didn't get them in the end but if you're interested the prices are from $9.90-$13.90. Worth it if your child's a fan of WinX.

These are the cuties that went home with me. :D
Total Damage : $20.

4 Hello Kitty Bowls - $3
4 Hello Kitty Plates - $3
1 Hello Kitty Water Jug + 4 Hello Kitty Cups - $9
4 mini motorbike toy - $5

Were you there in the past week?
Snagged any good deals? :)

Simple Art Activity : Paper Monster/Alien

When you need a quick activity with your child and you do not have time for much preparation work.. This activity is really simple and easy! Minimal materials needed and minimal items to prepare too. :D

Materials :
  • Coloured Paper (I am using origami paper from Daiso 24 colours/180 sheets)
  • Glue
  • Pom pom balls (optional)

Steps for Preparation and Activity :
1. Leave 2 pieces of the coloured paper as "base/body" and cut up the remaining coloured paper into different shapes and sizes.

2. After telling my little one that we are going to make monsters for activity, I got her to choose some poms poms for eyes. If you don't have poms poms you can use hold puncher to punch some holes on coloured paper to be used as eyes, or you can draw dots on paper to be used as eyes.

3. Starting with the eyes, slowly glue on features of the monster/alien.

As you do this activity together with your kid you will notice many things about him/her.
  • He/She may get ideas from what you are doing, sometimes attempting to do exactly the same thing. 
  • Sometimes he/she may get animated and starts telling you stories about the monster.
  • Sometimes he/she may have certain ideas about his/her artwork but couldn't do it due to skill. 
  • Sometimes you may notice he/she likes playing with glue more.
  • Sometimes you may realise he/she is actually more arty (creative) than you are...

These are our monsters.
I'm not very creative but it looks cute right? *self praise*

The thing about Monster/Alien is that there's no "form" that you must comply with.. so you can just paste it anyway you like. It's your monster and only you can judge if it's done "right".

Any simple craft you've done with your kid this week? :)

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Gross Motor Skill : Stacking Game + Knock Down Cup

Using the Beans Shaker Cups we made in the previous post, we did a few more fun activities.

Materials :
  • Beans Shaker Cups
  • Tennis Ball / Bean Bag

Steps for Stacking Game :
1. Stacking the beans shaker cups. This is not difficult but it the cups are on a table and the child have to reach to place the top few cups it's actually quite a challenge.

2. Try different ways to stack them.

3. You can every make it into a memory game for the older kids by stacking differently and get them to stack according to what you had done!

Steps for Knock Down Cup :
1. Stack cups into a triangle shape. E.g. from bottom to top (3:2:1).

2. Get toddler to roll a ball or throw a bean bag to knock them down.

3. It's not that easy to knock all of them down at 1 go actually. :P

Love it when a last min activity produces more activities.

Now I'm tempted to do a few more special shakers with my little one. :D
Items I may try next : Pom poms, sequins, straws (cut up), uncooked pasta?

Fine Motor Skill : Beans Sorting for Plastic Cup Shaker

I needed some time to clean up the house, finding some leftover party cups I decide to let my little one do a little activity, this also acts as a quiet time activity.

We did a few more actives with this Beans shaker. Details in the next post.

*If you have a toddler that still puts small objects in his/her mouth, do change the beans to edible stuffs like cereals?

Materials :
  • 6 Plastic Cups
  • 6 Different types of Beans
  • Paper
  • Scotch Tape

Steps :
1. Place handfuls of different type of beans into a small container. Just some beans will do as too many beans may put the kid off and he/she may not want to complete the task.

2. Demonstrate how to sort the beans.

3. Leave kid to sort the beans. Or if you are free you can have a mini "competition" to see who sorts faster? :D

4. After sorting, make a cover for the cup using paper and scotch tapes.

Looks a little like a caterpillar. :P

All beans sorted and cups covered !

Not very nicely done but the beans looks very cute in the cups no? haha

Take note! Doing this project will make your house really noisy for the next week days.. :P

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Simple Handmade Toys : Sushi

Made these many months back but forgot to post it up. :P

My sewing is still really crappy but it should get better right? :P

From very far still looks quite cute right? haha.

The "seaweed" doesn't need any sewing as felt fabric can "hold on" to each other..
I don't know how to explain but if you really want maybe sew a button on? :)

Okay I am hungry haha.
Got to go eat now~~

Simple Homemade Toys : Banana and Cookie.

It's been a while since I last made toys for my little one. Just the other day she was feeding small toys to her elmo hand puppet and I decide that I should make more toys for her.

So.. I made a Banana for her monkey soft toy and Cookies for her cookie monster toy.

Sewn the banana, filled it with cotton and also made the skin "peel-able" by adding velcro.

Sewn "chocolate-chips" on both sides of the "cookie". Felt fabric, thread and needles are from my favourite shop (Daiso).

It's not perfect but that's the point, if I want perfect looking toys I would purchase it from shops, or maybe I wouldn't cause simple toys aren't that cheap nowadays.. :P

Have you made any toy for your little one recently? Share your ideas with me? :)