Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Numbers / Fine Motor Skill : Stickers 1-40

Little one has learned to 1-29, so right now I'm helping her with numbers 30-40.

This week's project is matching numbers and pasting stickers.

  • Paper
  • Printer or Pen/Pencil
  • Plain Stickers
  • Marker
1. Design and print rows of circles with numbers in the middle, or you can also draw and fill in the numbers on your own if you do not own a printer.

2. Using a marker, write numbers on the stickers.

3. For something a little more difficult, try to jumble up the numbers for the next set, or use smaller size stickers. :)

It's a very simple task for toddlers but if you're going thru new numbers with little one do sit by his/her side and read out the new numbers to him/her. :)

Gave little one a jumbled up piece and she got confused after finding number 1.
Would probably keep the jumbled up piece for another day. :D

How do you teach your little one numbers? :)

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