Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fine Motor Skill : Packing Toys and Using Chopsticks

Previous post I blogged about the new toys that I made for my little one.
This post is just some of the things you can do with them to practice their fine motor skills.

Packing Toys :

Materials :
  • Small Objects
  • Zip Lock Pouches
Steps :

1. Putting small objects into small zip lock pouches.

I made 14 small packs of toys for her and she has to keep whatever she takes out.
She also learn to sort the items by picking out the correct items to put into each pouch.

Using Chopsticks: Toddler's level

Materials :
  • Small Objects
  • Kid's Chopstick
  • Bowl/Plates/Bags
Steps :

1. Mix up different objects and let him/her pick it up using chopsticks.

Have been teaching her how to use chopsticks for a while.
She is practising with the small toys and managed to do quite well so far.
She enjoys it and there's no stress that she would drop the food/waste food/dirty the place. :)

Do you have any special item that you use to train your child's chopstick holding skills? Share them with me? :)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Simple Homemade "Toys"

It's no secret that I love making little things for my toddler to pay with.

Just the other day, W was playing with her kitchen toys and I realise she needed some "groceries" and decide to make these for her.

Felt fabrics from Daiso/Popular Bookstore.

They are easy to make and you don't need much skills to make them.

Cherry Tomatoes (pom pom also brought from Daiso)
No need to anything to it at all. :P

Ice Cream / Ice Popsicle


Egg (sunny side up)


Watermelon (1 slice)

Green Peas


French Beans & Long Beans




Broccolis and Cauliflowers

Have you made toys for your little one?
Share them with me? :D

Friday, May 15, 2015

"What I usually look like" Vs "Days where I spam selfies"

With Makeup
With Makeup + Instagram Filter

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Numbers / Fine Motor Skill : Stickers 1-40

Little one has learned to 1-29, so right now I'm helping her with numbers 30-40.

This week's project is matching numbers and pasting stickers.

  • Paper
  • Printer or Pen/Pencil
  • Plain Stickers
  • Marker
1. Design and print rows of circles with numbers in the middle, or you can also draw and fill in the numbers on your own if you do not own a printer.

2. Using a marker, write numbers on the stickers.

3. For something a little more difficult, try to jumble up the numbers for the next set, or use smaller size stickers. :)

It's a very simple task for toddlers but if you're going thru new numbers with little one do sit by his/her side and read out the new numbers to him/her. :)

Gave little one a jumbled up piece and she got confused after finding number 1.
Would probably keep the jumbled up piece for another day. :D

How do you teach your little one numbers? :)

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

907g of Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Potato Chip (Sea Salt)

On Labour Day, we were out grocery shopping as usual..
and got a huge bag of chips!

Usual size of Kettle Brand Potato Chips is approx 142g.
The one we bought is 907g!
Approx 6 times the size of the usual bag of chips!

This is a photo of the bag of chips standing next to my seated child.

Yes, you can barely see my child in this photo because that's how huge the bag of chips is. :P

Hubby and I with the huge bag of chips.

The best part is that the chips only cost $9.90!
Just as an reference, the normal bag of chips cost around $4.95.

Super worth to purchase for PARTY~ :D

Monday, May 04, 2015

Review :

April was really month of shopping for me so do expect some review/shopping related posts for the next few weeks? :D

I own a top from Uniqlo and really love it, however I find that the items in the shops are often out of my budget (SAHM = not much budge to shop).

When I saw AIRism Tops on online exclusive sale I ordered a few for my family. :D

Item :
Kids AIRism U-neck Short Sleeve T-shirt, Men AIRism Crew Neck T-shirt (Short Sleeve) and Women AIRism Scoop Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt 

Price : Kid's Tee $4.90, Men's Tee $12.90, Women's Tee $9.90 (exclusive sale price)
Bought 2 kid's tee, 2 women's tee, 1 men's tee and 1 legging pants for S$62.40 including free shipping!

Service Review :
Overall okay but the delivery service can be improved.

Ordered on 22nd April, receive confirmation and tracking code on 23rd April.
On 24th April delivery was unsuccessful, remarked "Delivery could not be completed due to inclement weather conditions". This I understand as it was raining quite a bit the whole month..
On 25th April, Delivery personnel did not deliver parcel, instead he/she left a notice at my gate! I know this because that morning my husband is at the kitchen fixing breakfast for me. He was at most 2metres away for the door and no one knocked or even press on the door bell! We saw the notice 2mins after he left it there! It's on a Saturday so I was forced to collect the parcel 2 days later (Monday 27th April).

Product Review :
All 3 of us, hubby, little one and myself love the tops! It's soft, very comfortable and really suitable to be worn at home or as a inner piece. It's stretchy and really feels cooler wearing it (awesome for the recent heat wave).

Would I recommend it? :
Yes I would. Especially their sale items! Value for money and the quality is really good. :D

Sunday, May 03, 2015 says I'm...

This is quite fun but don't be too serious about it..
I tried many photos, some of it shows a number that's above my actual age and some like the above photo, shows that I'm half my age..

As long as we're young at heart who cares if we have 超老 face right? :P