Sunday, April 26, 2015

Gross Motor Skills : Skipping Rope Play for Toddler

My little one have yet to learn how to skip using the skipping rope yet but she loves to play with it..

So I created a couple of little games to play with her using just a skipping rope. :)

  • Skipping Rope

Walking on Rope


1. Put rope on the floor and straighten it as much as possible.

2. Demonstrate how to "walk on the rope".

She likes it but I personally find that my rope is a bit too hard so if possible get shipping rope that is softer. like the olden days rope type of skipping rope instead of those newer harder plastic rope type.

Jumping in and out (forward and backward jumps)


1. Put rope on the floor and make it into a circle.

2. Demonstrate how to jump in (forward jump) and jump out (backward jump).

I like this but would recommend new "jumpers" to play on the mat instead in case they fall. :D

Hope you like my short little post. :)

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