Tuesday, March 24, 2015

RIP Visionary Leader

The past 24 hours I didn't turn on the TV or Radio and I tried not to check my facebook/instagram.

Every message or article written about this great man brings tears to my eyes. If there's video on Facebook, I would skip it because I don't think I am ready for it.

Chocked by emotions so often that now I've swollen eyes and nose that hurts from all the tearing.

Why am I so affected?
Why does it felt like a close one has moved on?

When I was young, I have no interest in politics just like I don't have interest in history (it confuses and bores me). I didn't care to know who was the current president, who is the prime minister, minister and what they do. My knowledge of politics is zero because I didn't have many friends who have interest in it. My own parents doesn't find the need to tell me anything either (not that they know much since they didn't have any interest).

When I did my diploma studies a few years back, I had to write an essay about visionary leader. This was not easy for me because I wasn't well read (I don't read newspaper often, don't socialise often, yes I am what they call ignorant (井底之蛙), even though I knew the qualities (in the school provided notes), I didn't know who to base my essay on.

I have to thank my classmate who shared the person whom she knew was a visionary leader. She shared his name and I had to do my own research of cause. Till that point I have never known this great man and never knew what he did. Yes I knew many years back we separated from Malaysia and then he cried on TV but other than that I didn't really know who he is and what he has done. Doing my own research (read : google) and borrowing books from library increased my knowledge of this intelligent man and yes I am glad that he is our leader.

In the past few weeks articles have spurned up by young writers claiming they will not be sad when he moves on for various reasons but I don't blame them because I would have been one of them if I didn't know about him. Which suddenly makes me feel sad because if all parents were like my parents it wouldn't be long before the future generation becomes ignorant of the visionary leader who lead us to where we are.

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