Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Review : Samyang Korean Spicy Ramen

The husband was craving for some spicy noodles so I did a little search online for something that I think he will like.. Bought this after checking out 3 supermarkets!

Verdict? It's super spicy but really nice! :D

The first time I only tried a few mouthfuls, the second time I added a bit of my leftover pasta sauce and could finish the whole plate on my own! :D

From many sources it seems that this noodle is sold out in many places, kinda regret that I only bought 1 (5packs in 1), will try to stock up the next time I see them on the shelfs! If you see me buying them, dun fight with me k?!

Price : Ranges from $6.90-$8.20 depending on where you get them.

Product Review :

Cooking :
Quite easy, as it's "dry noodles" there is an extra step to pour out most of the water once the noodle is cooked.

Step 1, boil water.
Step 2, put in noodle to cook.
Step 3, once noodle is cooked pour out water and put in a few spoonful of water
Step 4, pour in the spicy sauce and mix
Step 5, put noodles on plate/bowl
Step 6, put garnish on noodle
Step 7, Put noodle in mouth, chew, swallow and then complain it's very hot! :P

Smell :
Really nice and not choking at all! Kinda mislead you into thinking that maybe it's not as spicy as many have mentioned. :P

Appearance :
The seaweed sesame seeds garnish pack is not a lot, thinks it looks nicer with maybe some side veg and a sunny side up egg!

Taste :
Awesome and Shiok!
The first time I tried it my lips felt like it swelled haha. Took a little while to clear but I craved for it shortly after the first try! At this moment I want to have it again! but need to go sleep now. :(

Will I buy/try again? :
Yes definitely!!

If you are thinking of trying, hope this short review helps you make your choice. :)

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