Sunday, March 01, 2015

Review : Dodo Liquid Lipstick, Dodo Eyeshadow and Dodo Pan Cheek

Items :
Dodo liquid lipstick shade 203
Dodo miss brown eyeshadow MB710
Dodo pan cheek PC23

Price : All 3 dodo products only cost $13 from TokyuHands (Westgate).

Dodo is a Japanese Brand. Didn't see them in Singapore for quite sometime so when I saw that they were on sale I decide to get them to try. :D

Product Review :
As there are 3 items I will try to keep it short.

Application / Colour :

Lipstick : It's somewhat like lip gloss, easy to use. Just twist the bottom and the liquid will come out from the top. Colour is light and with a shimmer. Texture is thick like a usual gloss & I have a love hate relationship with lip glosses. Love it cause it makes my lips pouty and sweet looking, hate it cause it's usually feels kinda like a layer on my lips?

Eyeshadow : Would suggest to use your own brush cause the brush given is not that good. Colours are shimmery/glittery. Colours in pan are different when applied, refer to photos of swatches (with flash and without flash). Kinda regret getting this colour, should have gotten the purple/pink one instead.

Blush : Easy application but have to be light handled unless you want to look like you are going for some show. Colour is very pigmented so a little drab and blend it out for a more natural blush.

Removal :
Easy to remove using makeup remover but the glitters for the eyeshadow kinda stuck to me for a while.

Extra detail : Do take note that expiry is in Dec this year.

Overall it's okay to purchase these to play around for a while cause it's quite cheap. My eyeliner from another brand cost more than these 3 items combined!

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