Saturday, March 21, 2015

Review : Clothes Folding Board

Item : Clothes Folding Board
Price : $6.50 not including postage.

Product Review :
I've seen this product many times but never though of purchasing it as it looks bulky and it wasn't cheap. When I saw that it's available for only $6.60 I decide to purchase it.

Application :
Easy to use! They include an instruction sheet with the board so that you can follow the instruction to fold all types of clothes. Tops, Dress, Long Pants and Long Sleeve Tops!

Colour :
Didn't get to choose the colour, but it's least of my concern cause I am not displaying it haha just take out to use when I need to fold clothes..

Extra detail :
Folding clothes becomes easier and the thing that I like most is that now my cupboard looks a little bit neater! I have many clothes with different cutting and no matter how I fold them, they always end up different size, making the clothes pile really ugly. With this folding board my clothes dun topple so easily when I put them in a stack anymore and because it's neater it's quite easy to spot the different clothes too!

Love it!

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