Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Adv : Efevshop (Baby Crochet Items and Pacifier Clips)

One of the perks with having a baby is that you have a life doll that you can dress up!

Take a look at this photo and tell me it didn't melt you?
This set is so cute! If my next kid is a girl I think I would want to get this!

Baby boots! Totally adorable!

These Hats and Beanies are so cyoot!
They are great for shielding our little one's head from all those cold aircon in bus/malls/clinc!

The deal about handmade items is that you usually get to customise it according to your preference!

Like the colour/type of yarn used!

I love pastel colours!

Many people says there isn't much accessories for kids, actually there are!
You can get headbands/hats/beanies for them and if they take pacifier you can get them Pacifier Clips with these really pretty Straps!

Crochet items are quite rare in my opinion cause you seldom find them in shops, even if you manage to find them the designs available are really few! Most shops only carry like 1 or 2 designs and sometimes the colours or design doesn't really please us.

If you're looking for a full month baby gift set, or maybe some pacifier clips as little gifts, or even a cute little crochet dress/romper/blanket for your little one (super cute to wear for baby photoshoot!), do check out www.facebook.com/efevshop/ ! :)

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