Saturday, January 10, 2015

Review: Clio Pencil Eyeliner Kill Black in Kill Black

Item : CLIO Pencil Eyeliner Kill black in Kill Black
Price : SGD12.80 including Local Normal Postage.

Service review: 
Ordered thru Qoo10 on 2nd Jan, received on 8th Jan.

Packing is good as I only ordered 1 eyeliner and it came in a cardboard box! Local normal post took quite a while and I was worried that it went missing but thankfully it arrived. Tried it immediately! :P

Product Review:

Colour: Not as intense as liquid liner.

Application: Considered smooth and fuss free but since colour is not that intense I had to draw over to get the look I want.

Smudge-level: On my hand it stays on very well but unfortunately not so well on my oily eyelids. I looked like a mini Panda within a few hours.

Ease of removal: Not that good. My usual makeup remover from The Face Shop didn't manage to remove everything.

Extra detail: Probably one of the redeeming thing is the mini sharpener at the end of the eyeliner. Many auto pencil liners doesn't comes with that and you have rub against paper to make it sharp so this feature is good imo.

Guess I have to continue searching for the perfect eyeliner! Anything you swear-by to recommend? :D

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