Friday, January 16, 2015

Essential Oil (Don't worry I am not doing MLM)

One item that many mummies swear by.. Essential Oil.

I do not belong to any MLM companies and am currently considered a newbie learning about essential oil. This post is NOT about how great essential oil is, neither is it trying to degrade MLM companies. I just want to share my point of view as a young mother who is trying to be careful about using Essential Oil.

How did I stumble upon this EOs thing?
There was a period where I was falling sick all the time and being a SAHM (Stay at home mum) I desperately wanted to look for things to boost baby's and my immune system. I came across this article written by a mummy in Singapore which sparked my interest in these "miracle oil".

It sounds so amazing that naturally I had to find out more. Like what are the prices, if it's really safe, what essential oil is good, how and when I should apply? I had so many questions in my mind and as usual I tried to find out more online and am really glad I did!

Essential Oils have been around for many years (I believe centuries?) but recently it's becoming hot subject after a few companies began marketing their products fiercely through word of mouth (some people call it multi level marketing.)

Many people who are using it are practising them on their own either through books, courses, online articles, speaking to certified Aromatherapist or information they obtain from their essential oil source. Like medicine there are many brands and theories and many times people argue on which product is better or which way of application is better.

To find out more of cause I could go for a course but it would be a little costly for someone who have no income. Naturally I look online for as much information as I can find!

I am going to share many links that I have found and am using them as reference, do note that everyone has different ideas and theories and you may or may not agree with the information. I do hope you would read it with a open heart/mind even if the information is different from what you know from other source.

Essential Oil Safety
Since EOs are so potent shouldn't we use it with care? Well some theories are that essential oil are from plants therefore it's very safe to use as long as it's from a good brand and it's pure. Read through many articles and find that there are many articles and books about using essential oil safely!

"Most essential oils are safe and free of adverse side effects when used properly. However, as with any substance you are introducing into your body, it is important to use them intelligently. We recommend that you never eat or drink essential oils."
"With essential oils, It has been said, that one drop of essential oil is roughly equivalent to 75 cups of tea of that herb. It makes sense, that with something that strong, you would need much less of it to get the job done. Pure essential oils are highly concentrated and only a very small amount is needed to achieve the desired end result."
"Meanwhile, the most important thing you can do is to educate yourself on how to use them properly, as even the best brands can cause harm if improperly used."
"After all, essential oils are extremely concentrated and powerful substances."

Facebook Group/Page
I needed more personal accounts of using Essential Oils and more information on using them safely so I joined 2 Facebook groups to find out more!

This facebook group is all about using EO safely. I love it that they are not brand bias (no brand names or blend names allowed on post) and states facts. If you are wondering about sensitively build up overtime, which oil never to use on children, how long to diffuse certain oil etc, they will provide answers that you can trust.

This Facebook page is known to be written by a professor who rebuts Essential Oil Myths! There are lots of scientific post of essential oil and it's really interesting!

I have so much to say about this topic but it's getting late and I think I need to understand more before I continue writing, so meanwhile here are more links for you to read if you're interested. :D

EOs Safety for Babies and children

EOs Shelf Life

Safe Blends/Recipe for Babies and Children

What to look for in an EOs company

Reasons to avoid ingesting EOs

Use EOs wisely and stay safe!

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