Friday, January 23, 2015

Review : Electronic / Digital Kitchen Scale (Weighing Scale)

Item: Digital Kitchen Scale
Price: S$9.90

Service Review: Super fast delivery! I received it the next morning!

Product Review: Scale comes in a box and comes with 2 batteries.

Usage: 1 button switch on, simple and easy.

Extra detail: There are a few designs and I choose this as it can measure to 0.5g where most other designs measure to 1g. The only downside is that it can only measure up to 3kg but it's okay as I usually do not need to weigh more than that, any item more than 3kg I have a few other scales at home for that. :D

This is good for those who are baking or those selling small items online and need it to weigh parcel! :)

Review : White Light Teeth Whitening Kit

Item: White Light Teeth Whitening Kit
Price : I bought it from an instashop for S$18!
(You can purchase it at the above link for more than 50% off!)

Product Review: Kit comes with 1 tray (top and bottom), 1 light tool, batteries for the light tool and 2 tubes of gel.

Application: Is really simple just need to put gel on the tray, put it on your teeth and put the white light on. Put for 10 minutes, take it off and rinse your mouth to get rid of gel residue.

Tip! Take the tray off when you are at the basin because there will be lots of saliva and it will be really messy if you take it off elsewhere like middle of your room or something!

Point to note: Effect takes many application to come in and doesn't last forever, do not expect instant obvious results or for the whitening to be forever! Avoid teeth staining stuffs like tea, coffee, soda.

Extra detail: Jaws may feel tired after a while. Try not to put on for too long (more than 15mins) especially for those with sensitive gums. Once I put for more than 15mins and my gums went red, it subside after a while.

Will I recommend it? I would say yes if you are open to try anything but if guranteed results are what you're after then I would suggest a visit to the dentist for more expensive procedures would be more suitable.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Review : The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Pastel Cushion Blusher in PINK

Item: The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Pastel Cushion Blusher in PINK
Price: S$7 (paid extra for Pink)

Service Review: Considered fast delivery as I made my purchase on Christmas eve 24th Dec and received on 27th Dec morning. Items are bubble wrapped.

Product Review: Blusher comes in a cute container and with a pretty little puff.

Colour: Pink is really very light/sheer, on my fair skin it almost blends in and couldn't be seen. Layered 4 thick layers just to take a photo for this post.

Application: Colour doesn't really show using the little puff. May work better using a brush or fingers but will need many layers to get the colour to come out. Works for you if you are usually heavy handed or if you are going for a natural look and don't mind spending some time blending and layering till you get the colour to show.

Extra detail: It's not very cheap as I paid a bit extra to get Pink one but end up it didn't really suit me. Maybe a darker colour would be more suitable but even then I'm sceptical after reading more reviews online. It seems that colours in this range are just not that pigmented.

Overall a bit disappointed as I had high hopes for this product.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Essential Oil (Don't worry I am not doing MLM)

One item that many mummies swear by.. Essential Oil.

I do not belong to any MLM companies and am currently considered a newbie learning about essential oil. This post is NOT about how great essential oil is, neither is it trying to degrade MLM companies. I just want to share my point of view as a young mother who is trying to be careful about using Essential Oil.

How did I stumble upon this EOs thing?
There was a period where I was falling sick all the time and being a SAHM (Stay at home mum) I desperately wanted to look for things to boost baby's and my immune system. I came across this article written by a mummy in Singapore which sparked my interest in these "miracle oil".

It sounds so amazing that naturally I had to find out more. Like what are the prices, if it's really safe, what essential oil is good, how and when I should apply? I had so many questions in my mind and as usual I tried to find out more online and am really glad I did!

Essential Oils have been around for many years (I believe centuries?) but recently it's becoming hot subject after a few companies began marketing their products fiercely through word of mouth (some people call it multi level marketing.)

Many people who are using it are practising them on their own either through books, courses, online articles, speaking to certified Aromatherapist or information they obtain from their essential oil source. Like medicine there are many brands and theories and many times people argue on which product is better or which way of application is better.

To find out more of cause I could go for a course but it would be a little costly for someone who have no income. Naturally I look online for as much information as I can find!

I am going to share many links that I have found and am using them as reference, do note that everyone has different ideas and theories and you may or may not agree with the information. I do hope you would read it with a open heart/mind even if the information is different from what you know from other source.

Essential Oil Safety
Since EOs are so potent shouldn't we use it with care? Well some theories are that essential oil are from plants therefore it's very safe to use as long as it's from a good brand and it's pure. Read through many articles and find that there are many articles and books about using essential oil safely!

"Most essential oils are safe and free of adverse side effects when used properly. However, as with any substance you are introducing into your body, it is important to use them intelligently. We recommend that you never eat or drink essential oils."
"With essential oils, It has been said, that one drop of essential oil is roughly equivalent to 75 cups of tea of that herb. It makes sense, that with something that strong, you would need much less of it to get the job done. Pure essential oils are highly concentrated and only a very small amount is needed to achieve the desired end result."
"Meanwhile, the most important thing you can do is to educate yourself on how to use them properly, as even the best brands can cause harm if improperly used."
"After all, essential oils are extremely concentrated and powerful substances."

Facebook Group/Page
I needed more personal accounts of using Essential Oils and more information on using them safely so I joined 2 Facebook groups to find out more!

This facebook group is all about using EO safely. I love it that they are not brand bias (no brand names or blend names allowed on post) and states facts. If you are wondering about sensitively build up overtime, which oil never to use on children, how long to diffuse certain oil etc, they will provide answers that you can trust.

This Facebook page is known to be written by a professor who rebuts Essential Oil Myths! There are lots of scientific post of essential oil and it's really interesting!

I have so much to say about this topic but it's getting late and I think I need to understand more before I continue writing, so meanwhile here are more links for you to read if you're interested. :D

EOs Safety for Babies and children

EOs Shelf Life

Safe Blends/Recipe for Babies and Children

What to look for in an EOs company

Reasons to avoid ingesting EOs

Use EOs wisely and stay safe!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Review : Mr. Home Star Mold Remover by LG Household and Health Care

Item: Mr. Home Star Mold Remover by LG Household and Health Care
Price: S$4.99 for 1 tube not including shipping

Service Review:
Quick Delivery, bought with a few other items and it's here in a couple of days. Items are also carefully packed.

Product Review:
Application: Super Easy! It came with a applicator attached to the tube so it's really easy to dispense/apply on the affected area.

Things to note: Make sure the area you want to apply the gel is dry (water will dilute the gel and it wouldn't be as effective). Apply and leave it on for a while and you will see it disappear, for tougher ones leave the gel overnight or do a few rounds of application. To add on, do spam lots of product instead of just a thin layer as it loses it's effect when dried up.

Effect: This product is awesome! It helped me get rid of mold that's on the silicon area in my bathroom. As shown in the after and before photo (this is the basin area in the other toilet). I apply a lot cause I believe a bit sure not enough for my many many years of mold but within 45mins like that most of it gone!

Colour/Smell: The gel is clear so have to let family members know when you apply it cause it's not obvious and they may wash it off unknowingly. The only downside is the slight pungent smell but the smell goes away after you've washed it off so it's not that bad.

Would I buy it again: Yes I would! I had another model remover product I tried it in my bathroom and it didn't work cause it's liquid it doesn't stay on the wall/silicon. This gel stays on the silicon and does it job so yes I will get it again and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for mold remover. :)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Review : The Face Shop Black Label Lipstick 13. Pinky Brown and 11. Lovely Pink

Item: The Face Shop Black Label Lipstick
Price: $11.99 for 2 Lipstick with express shipping

Service review: Super fast delivery! Ordered on 11th December, received on 13th December morning!

Product review: Affordable and natural looking lipstick colour.
I ordered #13 Pinky Brown and #11 Lovely Pink.

Colour: Light, natural looking with a slight shimmery look so you can even skip lip gloss if lip gloss is not your thing. :D

Application: Smooth and fuss free.

Stay-On Power: Not very good but that happens to all my lipsticks cause I can't stop eating/drinking stuffs. :P

Extra detail: It's very cheap as compared to retail shops in Singapore so I would say it's a good buy. At the moment as I'm typing this entry, the shop I bought these lippies from is having a 1 for 1, at only S$9.50 with free normal post! I read reviews that normal post takes a long time to be delivered so I would recommend paying a little extra for tracking service and also shorter waiting time! :)

Review: Clio Pencil Eyeliner Kill Black in Kill Black

Item : CLIO Pencil Eyeliner Kill black in Kill Black
Price : SGD12.80 including Local Normal Postage.

Service review: 
Ordered thru Qoo10 on 2nd Jan, received on 8th Jan.

Packing is good as I only ordered 1 eyeliner and it came in a cardboard box! Local normal post took quite a while and I was worried that it went missing but thankfully it arrived. Tried it immediately! :P

Product Review:

Colour: Not as intense as liquid liner.

Application: Considered smooth and fuss free but since colour is not that intense I had to draw over to get the look I want.

Smudge-level: On my hand it stays on very well but unfortunately not so well on my oily eyelids. I looked like a mini Panda within a few hours.

Ease of removal: Not that good. My usual makeup remover from The Face Shop didn't manage to remove everything.

Extra detail: Probably one of the redeeming thing is the mini sharpener at the end of the eyeliner. Many auto pencil liners doesn't comes with that and you have rub against paper to make it sharp so this feature is good imo.

Guess I have to continue searching for the perfect eyeliner! Anything you swear-by to recommend? :D