Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Books shopping again!

Bought a lot of books this year, so just when I though I'm done with books shopping...
I bought more books again last weekend!

1. My pet frog
Kinokuniya's budget corner for $2 only!
It has always been my dream to own a mini Children books library so I buy lots of children books for my kid and future kid and hope they learn to love books too! ♡

2. No Drama Discipline $39.75
Hope I can finish the book. Read a sample chapter downloaded from play store and found it quite enriching therefore decide to purchase the book when I spotted it at the store. It's almost twice the price? but I really prefer the touch and smell of a physical book. and I can easily make small notes on it too!

3. Post its $1.30 
This is not a book - book per se...
I didn't want to spend time looking for the one in my messy house.

4. Dragon 2015 $12.84
Every year I would purchase, read it a little to remind myself of simple things like being courteous, friendly, positive, look after my health, stay low and grounded. People read self help books but I flip through fengshui book. LOL.

Really random but I hope I don't come across anymore book fair/sale/bazaar until I free up another shelf for books! Not enough space on the currently bookshelf anymore.