Friday, August 01, 2014

My Little Photographer (Bonus: Phoots taken by Winnie!)

Yes little one has her own digital camera.

A few months back she wanted to play with my Olympus camera and her dad decides we should get her something that is shockproof and water resistant to play with..

She likes to learn on her own and we just let her be.
She has ideas of what she want to take photos off and she just snaps away..
Even though most of the photos doesn't make much sense~~ She takes lots of funny "selfies" though..

Here are 18 photos from her camera~

Selfie! :P


While I am working~~
(such art photo of me. lol)

Daddy's chair.

She drank milk?

When I bought this top for her, she really likes it..

hahas. foot shot. I think there's a few of these..


Unglam shot of my brother. :P

1 of my work areas.. Messy but she made is looks so colourful. hahas.

When I got her a trampoline...

She took this photo on the trampoline...

oo.. my legs in the corner.. lol.


Selfie. lol.

More photo of her new plaything.

Another foot shot. lol.

and her little chair.. :)

There you have it. 18 photos taken by my little girl.

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esther said...

smart!!!so cute!!!whhaha.she shld hv own instagram to post her photos!!