Monday, August 04, 2014


Jewellery can bring out different looks and they are so fun to match!

Say you're trying out a temporary tattoo but you don't want it to look too awkward with it on it's own.. dress it up! Matching necklace and bracelets makes it even more awesome!

Randomly picked a few items from my stash and here are 3 different themes. :D

I really like interesting pieces that are not too loud. Like the glasses ring or the zipper bangle.
Conversation starter pieces are my favourite cause I'm terrible at starting conversations. hahas.

Some accessories are so versatile they can create different looks for you.

Dress with a pendant necklace is simple and sweet.

Change the chain to a suede cord necklace, pair it with studded bracelet, dark stone ring, and you have a totally different look. :)

Being a stay at home mum means I don't get to shop in malls that much so I do often look for shops that sells jewellery for women online. If there's any advise to give for purchasing jewellery online, is to look for shops that have return policies! Jewellery can be easily damaged during postal/delivery!

Happy shopping and dressing up~ :D

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