Thursday, July 24, 2014

I'm 26 years old and I have diabetes.

Been wanting to blog about this issue for a while.. So here goes..

I was diagnosed with diabetes during a health checkup about half a year ago (in 2013). This is about a year after I've give birth to my little one (2012).

The interesting is, I always thought I was eating quite healthily. I didn't eat much cakes and deserts. Even if I have chocolate it's like once in a blue moon and it's usually dark chocolate.

My diet in the past 2-3 years was actually really healthy as compared to the days when I was married to work (irregular eating hours, skipping meals, junk food every other meal). Since I started planning for my baby in 2011, I had lots of veg and fruits. I drank lots of soup. I cooked at home most of the time and cut down my fast-food intake from almost every other day to around once a week or even less!

So what happened???

I have family history of diabetes so I was quite calm when I found out but I really regret not reading up about it way before. You'll know why in a bit..

So I found out I've diabetes, now what?
I was advised to see a doctor and get my blood tested every 3 months, I'm not at a very serious stage so I don't have to get insulin jab or take any medication. I just have to control the sugar level in my body by eating right and some exercise.

I choose to get a doctor at the polyclinic since this is going to be long term. I've been tested a few times and they mentioned that my cholesterol is on the high side (if I didn't have diabetes it's actually consider average.) I duno how to explain this but the slip they gave me show me it's average but doctor says because I have diabetes I have to keep it below average (as low as possible)..

If I was me a few years back I would probably not go to see a doctor at all (blood test every 3 months!) but at this moment I know my health is very important, especially if I want a 2nd kid I need to make sure I'm healthy enough for one.. 

Other than the tests every 3 months, I get my eyes and legs checked once a year. I see a dietician and doctor every 3 months and a care manager around once a year. The first time I saw a dietician, after describing my daily food intake we found my issue. I was taking in too much carbohydrates! The amount of rice I take in is consider alright but when I have sandwich I have like 4 slices which is double the amount I should be eating.. There were too much other carbohydrates in my food, (food that I though that it's considered veg so I could indulged in) e.g. Potato, carrots, yam, sweet potato, tomato, corn, beans, turnips, etc.. I use these to cook soup and I eat them with my rice but I also unknowingly take in far too much carbs..

Seeing a dietician I suddenly feel enlighten. :P Then I found out that I was eating too many servings of fruits. When I was pregnant I wanted my baby to have lots of nutrient so almost everyday I have like 3-5 servings of fruits after lunch!

Being diagnosed with diabetes wasn't something I planned or what so I was completely lost. The care manager at the polyclinic went through briefly with me regarding the symptoms and what can happen to my body.. that's when I felt so blessed to have done the health checkup!

I've 2 symptoms which are constant hunger and constant tiredness! I'm so tired that I often snack on food to keep awake, I am also always hungry and I keep eating.. If I didn't do the health checkup I would never have known about my health and would continue to eat and feel tired and hungry all the time.. Which would be a very bad cycle....

Wow. I'm finally done with this long and boring entry. hahas.
Just want to record down what I know. If you have diabetes too wanna shall your secret of keeping your blood sugar constant? :)

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