Thursday, March 20, 2014

19th March 2014

❤ Finally got a gym ball after many weeks of procrastination. :P and baby loves bouncing on it at home. laughs until she have hiccups..

Since I got gym ball might as well get a mat too right? lol. I want a proper mat for me to do stretching at home, the bed is too soft, the floor is too hard. :P

❤ And finally found fuss free shoes for baby! Her current one is too tight for her now and even though it's our favourite, she's already wearing the largest size le. :( Went a few places and finally found a pair that's easy to wear and quite light weight too. Not cheap but as long as she is comfortable in them I think that's like really important?

❤ Got new shampoo and treatment after trying the sample from Samplestore. Another expensive product but bo bian my head too mafan.. this cannot use, that cannot use.. so when I find good product then got to buy lo.. honestly if I didn't get to try to sample I would never have purchased them.. hahas. $35 for 500ml, total damage $70.. lucky my hair not very long so I think can last half a year?

❤ The floral teapot is free de. Redeemed at Westgate cause spend above $180. :P

Okay, now some photos of my baby girl..

hahas. The End.

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