Friday, March 28, 2014

Bad Experience with AirPak Express

Anyone who shops online would have experienced or at least heard of some encounters with shipping or delivery companies.

Up till recently, my worst experience was with VPost for a parcel from US, but I've learned my lessen and will not go through them anymore.. but.. this week.. I just had one of the worse experience from AirPak Express. It's so bad that I have to blog about the experience. hahas.

I ordered some items from Taobao and opt for delivery to my house. From tracking it shows that the parcel reached Singapore on 23rd and is clearing customs.

On 26th March, 12.34pm I received an sms to say that they will deliver that day and ask me to stay home. I was out for lunch and rushed back home to wait for delivery. As I need to go out for dinner, I requested for delivery company's contact number and my parcel number from china shipping company's staff, at 3.35pm I called the company to confirm at what time will they deliver as I need to go out for dinner later that night. A lady mention that it will be before 6pm, so I waited.. Till 6.15pm, still no sign of delivery man.

On 27th March morning I checked their online tracking system and it shows "Not Delivered - Adverse Weather". Well, there was some drizzle yesterday but maybe they meant some other place.

Around 12.36pm I decide to give them to call to check what happened and if they are on their way to deliver my parcel? The lady on the phone asked for my parcel number to check, and she claim that I wasn't around yesterday and the parcel is in the warehouse. I mentioned that I was home till 6pm but there was no delivery, and how come their company doesn't give notice for non-delivery, that's when she suddenly mention that she need to go warehouse to retrieve my parcel to check, but before she check, she mention that they cannot do delivery that day anymore. I was naturally irritated cause I needed the parcel quite urgently, which is why I choose to have my items flow in by air mail instead of going through my usual shipping method. She took my number and promise to call back in around 10mins.

She called back and told me that their driver's van broke down so he took the parcels back to the warehouse. (I actually wanted to ask her, if the van broke down how did the driver bring back the parcels, but that's not my concern, I just want my parcel goddamnit.) So anyway, since it's clarified that it's their fault (no apologies from them), she carried on to tell me that their drivers are all out for delivery and they have no more drivers to delivery my parcel. The earliest that they can deliver would be the next day, when I tried to confirm with her if it'll be in the morning cause I really needed them in the morning, guess what's her reply? "We cannot confirm, we are getting a replacement driver and we don't know what time the replacement driver is reporting to work".  My mind literally went WOW!

Since I desperately needed the items, I told her I will send someone down to collect the parcel and asked if she can provide the address. She gave me an address in a rush and ask me to check their website for the full address, followed by saying that they closes at 6pm but will have people there till around 6plus 7, and will need to call them before 5.45pm if we are collecting slightly after 6 as they will not pick up any callas after 6pm. Interesting thing is, throughout the whole episode they were not apologetic at all!

Much love to TaQbin. Within short notice, they send someone to collect from Airpak office before 5pm and have it delivered to me on 28th early morning. Yes, today morning. Hee.

I have paid for delivery to their client (taobao shipping company), so technically I'm a customer too, and this is how they treat a customer... If I didn't get their number from their client to call them, does that mean they will not bother to inform me of the hiccup and wouldn't arrange delivery with me at all? Poor service is one thing, but being irresponsible is totally another thing!

So anyway, other than ranting here, I have written a feedback to the shipping company, hopefully the next time if I really need to fly my items here, they will not use such irresponsible delivery company.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

19th March 2014

❤ Finally got a gym ball after many weeks of procrastination. :P and baby loves bouncing on it at home. laughs until she have hiccups..

Since I got gym ball might as well get a mat too right? lol. I want a proper mat for me to do stretching at home, the bed is too soft, the floor is too hard. :P

❤ And finally found fuss free shoes for baby! Her current one is too tight for her now and even though it's our favourite, she's already wearing the largest size le. :( Went a few places and finally found a pair that's easy to wear and quite light weight too. Not cheap but as long as she is comfortable in them I think that's like really important?

❤ Got new shampoo and treatment after trying the sample from Samplestore. Another expensive product but bo bian my head too mafan.. this cannot use, that cannot use.. so when I find good product then got to buy lo.. honestly if I didn't get to try to sample I would never have purchased them.. hahas. $35 for 500ml, total damage $70.. lucky my hair not very long so I think can last half a year?

❤ The floral teapot is free de. Redeemed at Westgate cause spend above $180. :P

Okay, now some photos of my baby girl..

hahas. The End.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

World's most expensive city~

In case you haven't heard, Singapore is ranked world’s most expensive city by EIU .

Now, while I see people ranting on and on about this news, I didn't felt the same way as them. I actually felt okay with this news. In fact, I appreciate this report even more after writing this entry! hahas.

Now I'm going to bore you with why I think this report is not all bad news for Singaporeans...

1. Why do they survey and publish this report? What is the purpose of this report?
It's always important to know why. Why would anyone spend time collecting information just to rank cities? For fun? Of cause not!

This report is sold to companies for them to refer to when they need to use it to decide the allowance for their staff when they relocate them to other countries.

How is this awesome news to Singaporeans?
While everyone is complaining that Singapore has too many FT taking up high ranking jobs here, this report would help foreign companies not want to relocate too many people here! Sending staffs to the most expensive city = allocate more allowance. So is this still bad news to you? ;P

2. Whose expenses are being surveyed? What are the items chosen to define cost of living?
Totally lifted this paragraph. :P "400 individual prices across 160 products and services. These include food, drink, clothing, household supplies and personal care items, home rents, transport, utility bills, private schools, domestic help and recreational costs.

Now unless your children attend private school all the way without any form of subsidy at all and stay in a rented apartment probably in an uptown area, eats only at restaurants, doesn't take public transport at all, only shops luxury brands, then yeah of cause your cost of living is going to be really high! I'm pretty sure this survey didn't pick up hawker food, pasa malam, public transport and queuing for hello kitty as recreation. :P

3. When is this survey recorded?
When SGD is strong, and you convert the item costs to another currency, it makes our expenses seems a lot more costly. Not that our expenses are low, but it does makes it look even higher. The opposite is true, the reason why Japan's ranking dropped was due to the fact that Japanese Yen dropped too! Which is why so many people are going overseas to shop now right? :P

*This is just my 2 cents worth. Written in my half dreamy state. it's 3am! -.-
So anyway, relax and stay happy luh~ Peace out..

Monday, March 03, 2014

Baby Skin Pore Eraser by Maybelline

I got to review this product from

Maybelline is one of the drugstore brands that I really adore. They are affordable, usually works for me and they have pink (cool) tones pressed powders. When I saw this product claiming to give a pore less finish up for reviews, I knew I had to try it!

I have really huge pores that have been my heartache since almost 10 years ago, so I am always on the lookout for products that makes my pores less visible.

I tried this product 4 times before writing this review.

As usual, I will test product on my hand before testing on my face.

First impression:
It's really light, and skin feels really smooth but it has this really light plastic smell.

First trial:
I put it on half of my face and the other half I left it bare.
Not much effect, both sides look the same.

I read that this is usually used like a makeup primer, so I put on some powder on.
Powder didn't go very well on it so I decide to try again.

Second trial:
I put a tiny bit of the product instead of putting a lot all over, so it's just a really thin layer.
Put on pressed powder and it turned out slightly better but pores/lines are still visible.

Third trial:
I put half of my face with another more expensive product and the other half with this.
Both looks about the same, feels about the same except the other doesn't feel as smooth after application, but the other has a more "lotion" texture and this is kinda like silicon. Powder on top and effect is about the same on both sides, not much difference to me.

Fourth trial:
This time I did a mask to remove dead skin and clean up the pores before application.
Applied to full face and the effect is so much better than the rest of the trial. Didn't last very long before my pores start to open up again though. :(

I'm feeling really sad that it doesn't really suits me that well.
Or maybe I'm just having really bad skin this week. :( or I have too high expectations of the product.
Can't wait to try it again when my skin is better without so many blemishes and breakouts. :(