Saturday, January 04, 2014

Too Cool for School After School BB Foundation Lunch Box SPF37 PA++ #1- Soft Skin (Blue)

This foundation has one of the longest name! :D

So anyway in case you've not read my blog for a long while.. I was away for holidays the past week and just got back late last night(2nd). Opened my letterbox to an awesome surprise! :D

I'm one of the lucky ones (actually there's like 20 of us! :D) given the chance to try and review this product. :) If you want to know more about where I applied for projects like these (for free! no fees involved!), read THIS POST

The bigger sized product comes in a cute bottle with a special compartment with concealer and highlighter. If I win it will post photos of it up. :D Meanwhile let's focus on the foundation. :)

Had a little trouble trying to get to product out and when I finally managed to get it out, I think I squeezed like half a tube out. :( Transferred some to a clean little bottle that I use to store "opened" samples, cleaned up and start all over again. :D

 Too Cool for School is a Korean Brand. :)

 Testing the product on the back of my hand first.
Seems a bit lighter than my normal skin tone.

Packaging : It's really interesting and cute, but not in the cute princessy way (eg etude house).

Smell : Has a nice scent. I like it already. :D

Colour : Doesn't have the grey cast thingy but it's a little light in tone though. I'm pretty fair but it's still a little too light for me.

Texture : Thick cream, slight difficulty for me to blend (with fingers).

Coverage : Pretty average, was expecting it to have more coverage with the thick texture.

Compatibility with my skin : So far so good, no breakouts. It survived through 1 cooking and lunch session without melting much, which is not too bad in my opinion. I have combination skin so some products melts within 2 hours and you can see shiny Tzones and stuffs. The bottom left photo of my face titled "after (with flash)" is taken about 2 hours after I applied the foundation.
Looks okay in normal daylight but with camera flash the makeup makes me look kinda clownish (scary). Maybe I turned a tone darker after my trip to Taiwan?, would probably try the product again with pressed powder, concealer and highlighter.. eg the full makeup. :)

Would I purchase the product?
It's on the pending list together with a whole chunk of other foundations, CC creams and BB creams, It's not a must-buy at this moment, but I would definitely give it a few more tries to decide if it's good for future purchase. :) Giving it 4 our of 5 stars cause it has many plus points, except the tone is slightly not suitable for me.

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Thank you! :)

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