Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Won a pair of Sunglasses from Lifestyle Post & T.O.T

Those of you following me on Facebook may came across a recent status that I won a pair of Sunglasses. Here are photos of it and the story behind this awesome Christmas Present. :D

Last month, I saw a post on Kate Cosmetics's facebook page, giving away mascara for people to test and review. I love getting free products to test and so I decide to give it a try.

Registered an account with Lifestyle Post and applied to join this project.
Wasn't one of those chosen to test out the mascara, but.. I got something even better! :)


My first Christmas Present this year is a brand new pair of sunglasses worth S$280 and I even get to choose the design I want! Awesome anot? :D

Thank you Lifestyle Post and T.O.T for holding an awesome contest and giving out such awesome prizes! :)

Out of so many designs I choosed this because I think it fits me quite well. :)
Looks huge but it's actually really very lightweight!

Sidetrack a little, I actually caught an episode of《巨工厂2》a few months back and got to know of T.O.T. You can watch the episode here.

I thought this local brand is quite cool eh.. being recognized overseas and stuffs.. but never have it cross my mind that one day I would be able to own a pair of sunglasses from them! Thinking back it's quite funny because I seldom watch this kind of shows (like documentary?) but that night I just sat there and watch the whole episode. :P or maybe the host is quite cute? hahas.

Here's me acting sweet. :D

And me acting cool. lol.

Lifestyle Post is a online platform where various brands look for brand advocates to test and review their products. Yes, you get to try products, services, and other promotions for free!

They have various Brand Advocate Projects available for you to apply. What makes it interesting is that you get to compete with other users for the chance to be awarded the project to test and review the product/services. oh and they have projects for those living in Singapore and Malaysia! So Malaysian readers, do register to see what projects are available to you! :)

If you don't see many projects it's normal as they have just started but nonetheless their projects are all really cool! I am currently applying for 2 projects, hope to get chosen. :D

 I do wish I could try some good mascara though.
I look like I got no lashes at all right? :(

Now that you've seen my "bare face" scroll back up and you will find that I look better with half my face covered by my awesome new sunglasses right? :P

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