Saturday, December 21, 2013

Samples Review : Hada Labo Skincare for Sensitive Skin

Alright in October I blogged about redeeming a free set of skincare product samples.
So here's the review for these babies.


Starting with Hada Labo Es Makeup Remover:
First use - Used a lot just to remove full face makeup. Not sure if it's the bottle hole too small, when I pour it out there's tiny bubbles. Smell still acceptable. Need to try product again but tentatively can confirm that it's not really a "must-buy" for me..

Next, Hada Labo Es Cleansing Foam Wash:
The only issue I have with this is the smell. :( Other than that it's pretty okay. :)
It's not too drying and very easy to use as it comes out in foam so no need to lather but I really can't like a product if it doesn't smell okay to me. So probably will not purchase it.

After cleansing, next is Hada Labo Es Lotion:
Not bad. I like this even though there's a smell it's not as strong as the facial wash. Not really sticky but it's not non-stick either. Not sure if this is toner or just lotion/serum?

Our of the 4, this is my favourite: Hada Labo Es Milk:
Would most probably purchase this when my usual moisturizer runs out. Not used to the smell but I adore it's lightweight and non-sticky feel. I have combination skin so usually uses gel type moisturizer as they are not too rich. Cream type always doesn't work on me. :( This milk type is alright for me. Will consider to purchase this. :)

Want to know where I got this set of skincare for free? Read THIS post.

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