Monday, December 16, 2013

My random thoughts became a super long blog post. lol.

More women might be able to relate to 1 or 2 points, men would probably skip the whole entry.
I am not saying all the men are the same, I'm just trying to point out that sometimes married women are not getting what they deserved. A little kiss and a thank you. A smile and acknowledgement instead of you belittling her concern. Sometimes men don't even realise the way they scold their wife is worse then the way they scold their kids! -.-

常常听到男人嫌弃老婆唠叨,没主见,”很麻烦“, 不尊重你,管太多。。




对啊。老婆还没成为你的老婆前有一大把的时间。做的都是她想做的。从不需要天天为您早晚操心。。老婆以前不许要天天为你烦恼。为孩子烦恼。为你的事业烦恼。为家庭烦恼。老婆还没嫁给你,你可以常常陪她,听她诉苦,说话聊天。嫁给你后想和你一起吃饭都好难。话没说几句你就嫌她这个嫌那个。她问你家里的事,你说大小事她做决定。可是但家里发生任何不如你意的事,你就怪她,骂她。你说老婆可以不用担心,她不多问了,可是你却说她没关心你。 -.-

Often you hear men grumbling about their wifes. Saying the wife have no opinion of her own, or she's very troublesome, or doesn't respect you, or is trying to control your life..

Have you ever thought that when your wife nags at you, she is trying to protect you and your family?
When your wife ask you for opinions because she respects your decision, you grumbles that she doesn't have her own opinion.
When she plans for your future and gives you suggestions, you claim that she doesn't support you.
When she's tired from everything, instead of lending her your shoulder to lean on, you scold her for over worrying or worse comparing her to another woman/mother.

So some men finds a mistress who is "unlike" their wifes.
When this mistress nags, he finds her cute and adorable.
When she praises him and encourage him to ignore his family's future and needs to pursue his dreams, he thinks she's very considerate..

Many men says their wife changed after marriage.

Yes. Before marrying you, your wife spends quality time doing things for herself. Studying, working, shopping, whatever decisions she make she only need to consider a few things (like her family or money or her future). After marrying you, she becomes your wife and feels responsible for you, your kids and your family. She worries for:
Your health
Your career/business
Your future
Your happiness
Your wealth
Your kids' future
Your kids' life
Your kids' happiness
Your house
Your car
Your clothes
Your kids clothes
Your family's view of her
Your friend's view of her
Your colleagues view of you and your family
Your boss's view of you
Your kid's studies
Your kids' relationship with people
Heck she even have to care about housework (not saying 100% neat and tidy but at least not so messy that you keep nagging at her to neaten the place).
and this list goes on...

Before she became the Mrs, you spend time with her, make her laugh (when is the last time you made your wife laugh?), watch movie with her, buy her her favourite food, chat about everything under the star.

After saying "I-do"? She can't even have a proper meal with you (that is if you have the time to accompany her for any meal) without worrying if this meal is too expensive, or whether your kids have enough nutrients and so on and so forth..

How long have both of you not touch on topics that does not include your family, house, car or children? When she asks you for opinion on household matters and all you would say is "you can make decisions for all small matters", but when any problems arises or when things do not happen to your liking, who do you blame? Let me guess? Your computer game? No, most often then not the first person you tell off is your wife.

Now I see all the men going no, no, no.. Ask your wife. Maybe her answer will surprise you.

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