Monday, December 30, 2013

Another scheduled post. :D

*This post is written on 29th December 12+AM, scheduled to post while I'm away on holiday~ :D

- Just want to blog cause it's 12.30pm and I'm still very excited about the trip.
My flight is in a few hours so I think I may not be sleeping... Will try to see if I can nap 2-3hrs after this post...

The other day (21st December) we (Hubby, myself and our cutie pie) were out at West Mall to run some errands and we chance upon a machine that we have not touched for a long while..

So I requested to use it..

And here's the end product~


Neoprints taken at the timezone arcade! :D
It's our first family neoprint shot.. The last time I used this machine, Winnie was still inside my tummy luh.. (See post : 98th Monthiversary ($4 neoprint / S$9 Weekend Movie)

The good thing about blogging eh? Just search and the info you want about your past just pops up. hahas. When is the last time you used this 90s popular machine? Do you still keep all the old neoprints? :)

hahas. okay abrupt end to this scheduled post here.

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