Sunday, December 29, 2013

113 Monthniversary~ Wil be back next year!

Scheduled this post to be published while I'm on the plane~

Finally get to go overseas again.. This time going to Taiwan, Taipei again! :P
Went to Taiwan in 2010 for photoshoot and tour, then again in 2011 with my 傻妹, "rest" for year 2012 cause I moved house, had a wedding and also gave birth to my cutie pie. This year I'm going back there again! hahas. Main aim is to visit the temple, go crazy shopping.. and last but not least is to experience the cold weather!

Source: Google search: Taiwan Weather Forecast

Our first day there is going to be very very cold at approx 12degrees!

Going for 4nights, so will be back by the 5th day.. which means I will not be in Singapore until 2014! So see you all next year! hahas.

Since I will be away during New Year..
HAPPY NEW YEAR! in advance to all readers, friends and family! Love ya all! :D

While I'm still rambling.. I also want to say I love you hubby! :D
It's our 113 Monthniversary! (9years and 5months)

I'm the kind of person who gets excited before every event especially if it's going overseas! I can't seem to fall asleep. So here I am.. typing this random entry cause I'm too excited again. :P How about you? Are you the type who can't sleep when you're excited for an event? or you never have any issue trying to fall asleep?

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