Wednesday, November 20, 2013

FBI/SBI Closed Door Sale - 19 Oct 2013

Received lots of reminder for the event, decide to make a trip down to replenish our milk powder and baby diapers.

Milk powder promo was free 1 small tin of milk powder with purchase of the big tin which was worth it for us as we were considering to purchase a small tin for use when we are overseas.

Diaper price is not much different from normal NTUC promotion.

They are selling the smaller 30piece pack at $11.30 which works out to be about S$0.376 per piece.
NTUC Promotion is $36.85 for 2 48piece packs which works out to be about S$0.383 per piece.

Yes 23cents per pack is still savings.. but... They were selling the old design! Not the current Drier type with better "stretchable ears" which helps to fit to baby's waist contour comfortably!

We didn't know they were selling old stocks. :( So mummies and daddies going to the upcoming event do take note and remember to check if it's the new type before purchasing!

We got the goodie bag and here's what's inside the goodie bag.

Freeze dried chips snack (for 1 year old and above), Stage 3 Mamil samples, 1 small pack of wet tissue in cute container, a small post-it pad and I think a bookmark or something.

Yups, that's all for now. :)

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