Wednesday, November 27, 2013

$5 a day challenge.

So someone came up with a challenge to live on only $5 a day (transport + food) as a campaign that aims to raise awareness about poverty in Singapore.

It's difficult because transport and food is really expensive. Even as a stay at home mum I don't think I can do it but I do try to save money.

When I just started working many years back I didn't have much money (parents already stop giving me money so I was kinda living off savings) but I had a good company as they provide free drinks (milo/coffee/tea & even had soft drinks dispenser).

Everyday I travel to work by bus and have a cup of milo and maybe biscuits for breakfast (actually I dun have the habit to eat breakfast. :P)

Lunch I will either have
Bread from bakery ($1.20-$1.50) with milo (office), or
Instant cup noodle ($0.60) or instant cup porridge or
Bread and a can of tuna (can eat 2-3days) or
Bring yesterday's leftover dinner (put in office fridge) and heat up using the microwave in office pantry during lunch.
On the rare occasion that I want to eat junk food I will buy the $2 chicken burger from MacDonalds.
and on even more rare occasions when I have enough to buy rice, I buy the cheap sushi rice pack (usually 1 pack inside have many small rolls?) S$2++.

No, it's not very healthy but when you are poor you do whatever you can to survive.
I know of kids who only eat 1 or 2 meals a day cause they want to save money for books.

Dinner I will eat at home and I was lucky cause on days that I had to work OT until very late the company provides dinner!

So that was when I was like 19 or something. hahas.

After working got more money then eat better (like drinking soya milk) but I will still try to limit my spending...

I am lucky that almost all the companies that I worked at have their pantry stocked up with drinks and biscuits. heh.

Now that I am jobless I try not to spend that much on food too.
I make my own meals and find that it's a bit cheaper than buying food from outside.
A loaf of bread is good for week's breakfast and sometimes I have it for lunch too.
If you cook for more people it's cheaper than cooking for 1 person so there are some families they cook 1 big meal and eat the same food as lunch and dinner.. some even eat 3 meals on the same food.

Have you seen people walking 2-5 MRT stations to work/school? Yes there are people who actually walk to school to save on transport!

There are a lot of people who say they cannot do it even for a day, but have you thought that there are actually people living day to day like this? Yes there are! I have seen some myself. Heck I even had days when I only have 40cents in my wallet

Funny how some can work/save their way out of poverty and yet there we have some who complains everything is expensive, while rejecting eating at hawker centres/markets and cabs even if it's like 3-5 bus stops away..

Of cause this challenge is not saying you must do it and "suffer" like those who are tied down. It's just a reminder that there are people who live like this and you should be thankful that you don't have to live like this day to day. While you are thinking where and what to eat, there's a mother out there thinking of how to cook that can of sardine that they bought at a sale to feed 3 kids.

I saw someone's comment that they are pregnant and is not suitable to join this challenge. Yes, no one is forcing anyone to take up the challenge. Your life and health should take priority.

But doesn't this reminds you? Do poor people not get pregnant? So how do people eat on a budget and still try to provide nutrients to their baby?

-Scheduled this post to appear on 27th 8.30am.
At this time I should be at the clinic having my medical checkup. :)

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