Thursday, October 24, 2013

Free set of skincare products for sensitive skin.

 Recently got this set of Hada Labo skincare product for free, with free posting too! :D

Read on to find out how you can get it too! :)

SampleStore recently relaunched with a super cute packaging.

Other than looking sweet, the new packaging is a tough material which can withstand the weight of heavy samples and also not tear when comes in contact with water. :)

The previous packaging is paper material (normal envelope) so if it rains when the postman is doing their rounds, it can get wet and tear..

Anyway... Lots of people says it looks like a pack of gummies (candies) and my husband who opened the letterbox thought someone send me a present. Which is quite true because it's free so yes it's a present.. but it's a present that I choose! heh heh..

Nicely Bubble Wrapped! :)

Even better news.. the sample size have Increased!
It used to be just 1 sachet, now it's either in small bottles or a few sachets!
Can last for 1-2weeks! So you can really tell if the product is really working for you!
Awesome right? :D

This 4 piece set is fully sponsored!
Don't even need to pay for shipping at all!
Cleanser, Make Up Remover, Toner, Moisturizer.

The sample didn't come in English so I had to stick my own labels.. :P

Am going to give it a try very soons!
Now testing another product so dun want to suddenly stop. :)
Will update with review! :D

So do you want to get a set of these send to your letterbox?

Follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Click on this link to create an account : LINK

2. On the left frame, click on Sponsored Samples.
Products available with free shipping will appear..

3. Click on Redeem for the items you are interested in.
(Maximum up to 4 items)

Limited samples available, so hurry click on the link to grab them to prevent any disappointment! :)
Hope you enjoy the samples and this awesome site as much as I do. :)
Been supporting them for many years. :D

*current screenshot, all 4 samples are still available at time of posting. :)

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