Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shouldn't facials/spas be stress free?

Recently I received a complimentary facial at a Boutique Spa and the sales staffs were not pushy at all! Which prompts me to write this entry. :D

I have tried facials in more than 10 places in the past years and most of them left me with bad impression or made me felt stressful. :( So today I'm going to list some things that I really dislike about these spas/salons. (In no particular order.)

1. Hard selling in private room
After facial, before payment, usually a separate sale staff would corner you to a small, private room and try to sell you everything and anything.. Makes you feel like if you don't purchase anything you wouldn't be able to get out.. Hate it!!

2. Hard selling by attacking your confidence / or terrorizing you.
Your skin is really too dry and oily!
Your pore are too huge for someone your age.
Your winkles/laugh line are too deep already.
Your tires (fats around waist) are really unsightly and you look like pregnant.
You are so young should not look like this.
How can you not treat yourself better?
Your blackheads makes you look dirty with rough skin.
Your scalp is in really bad condition, if you don't anything about it very soon you will have balding problem.
After you give birth your face/body/hair condition will worsen and you should have started maintenance long ago.
You really drop a lot of hair than normal people.
Your skin is in really bad condition and will be worse.

Ever heard any of these? I know my condition, thank you very much, but to constantly use it attack me because you want to sell me things? erm, No.

3. Hard to make appointment
Major turn offs when you can't book appointment at all when you are a member/package holder. Either no one is manning the phone lines/front desk or they are fully booked for weeks or they don't have enough staff on the day that you want.

4. Selling "add ons" during treatments.
During facial, they ask you to add on an extra "treatment" or ampule or other random crap because "your skin needs it". Especially those asking you to add ampule or extra service so that your skin doesn't look too red after extractions. I call it bullshit! If your facial is good it should include all the necessary things, why should I top up for things that technically should be inside? This add on is usually for those cheaper facial places, usually more expensive facials will include everything so your treatment is not interrupted by people stressing you to purchase things.

5. Black face / Attitude (Poor service)
Then there are those when you decline an additional item or service, they start giving you black faces and poor service. Or those who serve you according to your dressing/brands that you carry on you.

6. Overly friendly sales staffs acting like they are your new best friend after seeing you for the first time.
Oh come on. This is awkward, I'm okay with friendly but I'm not okay with the fake kind of friendly.. We are faced with so many fake people to entertain in life, after spending money at your company you send more fake people for us to entertain? You okay anot?

7. Over promise and blame you for bad/no results.
Then there's those who promise you that your condition would be better with their service/product and when the result doesn't shows they blame you, make you think it's your skin issue, your fault for not using the product properly and ask you to buy more product or upgrade the services.

8. Hard selling by making reference to your life/judging you.
Asking you to pamper yourself because you're still studying/started working/getting married/pregnant/* (insert any event in your life).
Or asking you to purchase and share a package with your mother if you really love her cause she does a lot for you.
If you're carrying a branded bag, they would make reference to your bag saying how expensive it is and how badly you are treating your skin, asking you not to be stingy to your skin..
If you are married/attached, they would ask you to get your husband/boyfriend to purchase it for you if he really loves/dotes on you.
If your work includes interaction with customers/clients face to face, they would say you should put in more effort with your appearance.

Do you find any of these familiar?
Do you have any issue/place that you want to rant about?

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