Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Concert Movies are awesome for people like me!

My first 3D Concert Movie is a Concert-Drama Movie by Mayday.
Watched 3DNA with my sis and it was a few years ago.. I think in 2011? :D
I still remember it was at Yishun GV when it was just renovated..

The experience is really awesome and I still kept the GV light stick even though it's no longer working.

Random selfie with the above mentioned light stick.

Concert Movies are awesome for people like me!

1. No massive crowd
As much as I like the atmosphere for concerts, I really don't like crowds. (Which is why you seldom see me at countdown events/party). I also detest queuing for toilets and very often the toilet is dirty by the time it's your turn too. :(

2. Subtitles
Ever been to concerts and you don't understand a certain joke because you can't hear/see clearly? Or you like a artist's music/songs but you can't really understand the artist's native tongue well? With subtitles you no longer have to bother your friend during concerts anymore!

3. Value for money
Cheaper than a concert ticket. Not everyone have the money to watch concerts. Actual concert tickets easily costs a few hundred dollars! Concert movie tickets are more than 50% off the cheapest concert ticket price!

4. Awesome view
Sometimes even when you camp online to buy the best tickets, it gets sold out within mins of launch or the tickets you can afford are really far away that you thought you should have brought along a binoculars to watch the concert? No such problem for concert movie.

5. Transport
No need to travel very far for concert movie. :D No need to call cab or walk a long way out just to get a cab when the concert ends too late! which brings up the next point..

6. Timing
Ever been to concerts that end so late that you can't get proper transport back home? Or felt really hungry after the concert but most shops are already closed? No such problem if you choose to watch concert movie. :D

 *Image is screenshot-ed from facebook.

五月天 诺亚方舟 三D 电影 促销  (MAYDAY NOWHERE 3D Movie Concert Promo)

If you're going to watch it, why not get FREE popcorn and Ben & Jerry's ice-cream too? :D

Purchase tickets for the 29 September 2013, 2pm screening of the movie at GV Jurong Point, and get a free popcorn and Ben & Jerry's ice-cream with each purchased ticket!

(Do note that Promotion is only valid for this specific screening, while stocks last!)

How to get redeem?

1. Click here to pre-purchase the tickets for the movie - http://goo.gl/xJeM10

2. On 29 September (The day itself), present your purchased tickets at the redemption booth near GV Jurong Point Box Office between 1pm to 1:45pm to redeem the free popcorn and ice cream!

P.S: When redeeming the promo items, remember to tell the redemption crew that you are my supporter! :D Because... If I get the most number of friends/fans/followers who attend the screening, then each of my supporters will also receive one complimentary movie pass for your next visit! So friends and family.. don't miss this promotion! :D

Not only can you get FREE POPCORN and BEN & JERRY Ice Cream, you will also have a chance to get complimentary movie pass somemore! Super worth it right? So hurry gather your friends to watch this awesome 3D Concert Movie! Now still have good seats... :)

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