Monday, September 30, 2013

Awesome September

September is another awesome month! :D

First I had an awesome flea market clearance where most of my customers came down to show their support.

Then I found an awesome "no hard-selling" place for facial. Phew.. Like finally! :P

Next, I found out that my skinfood review got me a prize!

And then when I decide I should join a race to get my running mode on, I got priority to join NIKE WE RUN SG 2013. The previous time I join this race the slots were sold out the next day! Super lots of people join.. so to get a slot before more people jam the system, is really appreciated. :D

and in this awesome month, I have started my first gym session and collected my membership card too! :D Tone up, tone up.. lose fats, lose fats.

Save the best news for the last...

Just yesterday, I got to watch a concert movie and even got free popcorn and ben & jerry's icecream! This is really awesome to me because I actually had plans to catch this concert movie! so to get a pair of complementary tickets is like super mega awesome! :D

Here I want to thank & golden village for the pleasant gift. The concert movie is really good.. I actually teared up a couple of times because I felt really touched.. You can't see in the photos but my eyes were actually still wet when we snap these photos in the cinema. :p

It's October in about 25mins.. Let October be filled with awesome-ness too~
Rock on~

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