Monday, August 05, 2013

Vote for my Cutie Pie? :D

Yesterday I decide to enter my cutie pie's photo into a baby photo contest and now I need more votes!

Price : Casio Camera
Contest Ending date : 11 August (Few Days left only!!)
Click on the little "vote" button on the top right corner of the photo. Vote is counted when you will see the number increase by 1. :)

If I do win, I intend to pass the camera to my 3 brothers so they have another camera to play around with.
So vote away for my cutie pie please? : D

Hi mama's blog reader, are you voting for me?

Can you say no to such a cutie?

1 comment:

heavy hedonist said...

Sorry I didn't see this in time to vote-- what a little sweetheart!