Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Product Testing : Black Sugar Perfect First Serum

Recently I was given a chance to test/review a sample of a new product which is launching soon.
Collected it from an outlet that is closest to my current place.. This is a major plus for me cause I can't travel far with a baby just to grab a sample to try. :p Well not now anyway.. maybe when she can walk on her own or something.... :P

The sample was placed in a huge brown envelope. I was already very excited to collect the sample, seeing that it looks like a "mission" makes me even more excited!

The watch is used to cover my personal details on the envelope. :D

It's one of my favourite skincare brands! Skin Food! :D
Favourite is definitely their Rice mask!❤ and Black sesame mask! ❤

My sample comes with a brochure.
Yes the tagline for this product is "For incredibly smooth skin at every angle".

Since giving birth to my Winnie, I am very envious of her skin.. It's so smooth that I can't stop kissing it. lalala~

My hormones-battled skin on the other hand looks like orange skin. :(
Next to loosing the extra tire around my waist, I wish for better, smoother skin! When I read the tagline, I knew it's a product I have to try!

My sample came with 2 pieces of special cotton pad which the beauty consultant mentioned that there's 2 side to it for 2 uses.

The retail sized Serum comes with a pack of special cotton pads.

Instructions on how to use the special cotton pad. :)

After normal cleaning:
1. Pour Serum into the special cotton pad.
2. Use the "patterned" side to wipe off dead skin cells and impurities.
3. Use the "smooth" side to absorb remaining serum by patting your skin
4. Follow up with your usual skincare~

The "rough" or "patterned" side is for wiping the face.

The normal smooth side for patting, absorbing the serum~

My No. 1 Original Black Sugar Perfect First Serum sample and a cotton pad.
I was busting from excitement while I take this photo.. Can't wait to try it! :D

Smell : Pour out a little on the cotton pad and am captivated by the awesome sweet smell.
I'm in love with the product already! :D

Most of the serum I come across have a "thick lotion" feel but this one feels more like a toner.

First thought after wiping my face with the cotton pad : My face actually does feels cleaner!
But I'm not sure if it's due to the slight cooling feeling from the lotion or does it really removes dead skin cells from my face..

Pardon the lousy photo, taken just before I'm go to bed. :P
I think I have a bit of water retention.. Fat cheeks!! *pouts*

The sample only came with 2 piece of cotton pad so I only managed to use twice with their cotton pad. The third time I used another brand's cotton pad which also has 2 sides. I used to think the cotton pad I was using was great but the one Skin Food gave is even better! Thicker and more "steady". heh. sorry for my lack of vocab.. :P

So the magic question.. Does my skin feels smoother?
Yes it does feels smoother, at least when I put on my moisturizer, it feels smoother? I don't think any product will seriously magically makes orange skin become porcelain after just a few uses.. Yes, it's smoother as compared to previously, before I use this product but there's still a lot more work for my skin to become better again..

On the side note, I do notice that my skin seems to have become a bit brighter though. :D

Will I buy this when it launches?
Maybe yes. Will continue to use this sample and see if the result is temporary, definitely consider to add it to my current skincare regime. :)

My review doesn't state ingredients and all those stuffs that you can find on brochures. Well because you can find them on brochures, I'm not going to repeat the same things which will be plastered everywhere else soon. :P I'm not a professional, so I can't tell you what ingredient is for what uses.. okay, also because I'm a lazy blogger.. :P

Have you tried this Black Sugar Perfect First Serum?
Would you give it a try after reading my review? :)

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heavy hedonist said...

I just got to try a serum, too, Sua Young-- it's fantastic for me, I don't need to use a moisturizer or primer with it-- just an eye cream.

At $55 USD, I don't know if I can afford to buy it when it's gone, but I am happy I won it in a giveaway, and I might just get addicted!