Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New generation husbands.

The other day while shopping for Winnie's extra blanket, something that the cashier said sparks this post. :D

As my husband open up his wallet to pay, the cashier says: "You see your husband treats you very good, my husband never pays for anything, when paying for stuffs, the money always comes from my wallet."

Even though I just smile, paid and walk off with our purchase, her words gets me thinking.. Is there a difference between the older generation and current generation husband?

I believe there is a slight difference generally.

In the older days, the husband who is the breadwinner will pass some money to the wife and let her pay for everything. He doesn't care where it goes and assume that it's always more than enough. Kids pocket money, groceries, utilities, clothes, books, household items, etc etc, all comes from the small standard amount that the husband gives the wife.

When time changed and both partners start to work, some husbands would still provide some money for the house but they don't keep track and assume that that whatever amount they give is enough to cover ALL household expenses. They don't go shopping with their wifes, they don't care if rice is more expensive this month or fish price has doubled, or that egg is no longer 10cents, or his socks and underwear are not 3 for $5..

Currently most household have both partners working. Most of the time husband no longer physically pass money to the wife. They most probably have a joint account for paying household stuffs and both parties contributes to the fund. The husbands now are more proactive with household stuffs and most of them go shopping with their wifes, to help carry things. They are more aware of the current inflation and that the cost of living is really high. Some of them even does all the shopping because the wife is too busy either with work or with the kids..

oh well, that's a whole chunk of words at 4am. :P

What do you think? Is there a better new generation husband?


Hannah Louisa said...

I love your blog so much! It's original and I have learned a lot from you! X

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heavy hedonist said...

Some hubbies, yes. I've worked for many upper middle-class American families as a nanny, and the men in those families are as involved as the wives, in finances, shopping, housework and childcare.

In my own life, my hubby-man knows the costs of things, often comes shopping with me, and I involve him in purchases I feel he should have a say in-- but I handle all the money from both our incomes to save him stress.