Thursday, August 08, 2013

Are you same-same or opposite?

Okay, I know my title doesn't really makes sense. Well I seldom do anyway.. haha.

So it suddenly struck me one night to think of what brings 2 person together? Is there a formula that can guarantee a relationship?

Does similar interest, personality, ideas works better or does a case of opposite attracts keep things interesting? Will the attraction stay forever? If not what's the life span (of the attraction/relationship)?

I've never been in much long term relationship before.. no thanks to my short fuse/bad temper and not so loving family.. The longest relationship I have is the one with my mum (25years and counting). Even for the 25 years there was a period of time I didn't felt I had a good relationship with my mum.

I almost felt she doesn't really exist that much in my life until I fall really ill one time and had to be hospitalized. Her tears told me how much she loved me and made me realize she does love and care about me even though she didn't say it all the time...

So back to the topic of relationship.. The longest romantic relationship I have, is with my husband Been with him for 9 years now.. Who would have thought we could be together? With our age gap (8years 2months 2 days :P) and different personality.. we probably didn't seem like a likely pair..

He's social-able, I'm a social disaster.
He goes out with his friends very often, I'm comfortable staying at home rotting on the couch/bed.
He likes complicated stuffs, I prefer simple things.
We have different spending habits at well.

Though there are still many things that are similar between us..
We don't like washing dishes. :P
Our stubbornness and hot temper is comparable. lol
We generally likes the same genre of movie/tv drama.
Our love for some food, like, chocolate, ice-cream, chips and beef.

So are you same-same or is it a case of opposite attracts for you? :)


Sheylara said...

It's more same than opposite for me. Don't think I can live with someone who is too opposite. I'll go mad! :P

Congrats on 9 years together! ;)

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Thanks. :) Yeah, sometimes our differences does drives me mad. :P

Young Werther said...

Opposite is better...otherwise it gets boring.

Nonnie King said...

Same same in terms of life perception and bigger things. But opposite in tiny details.

heavy hedonist said...

My hubby-man and I (my second) are similar in artistic needs, but dissimilar in temperament-- he is bipolar, prone to rages, prone to self-loathing, not evenly balanced much of the time, with lots of highs and lows.

I'm calm, rational, balanced, prefer to keep on an even keel, and tend to deal with problems/downs better.

we're both writers and creative artists, though, and we each like to have our own space to do things, and prefer our own company to real company most of the time. We share some tastes and habits, luckily, and we're doing okay for having ongoing financial difficulties.

Congrats to your family!

Peace, Mari