Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New generation husbands.

The other day while shopping for Winnie's extra blanket, something that the cashier said sparks this post. :D

As my husband open up his wallet to pay, the cashier says: "You see your husband treats you very good, my husband never pays for anything, when paying for stuffs, the money always comes from my wallet."

Even though I just smile, paid and walk off with our purchase, her words gets me thinking.. Is there a difference between the older generation and current generation husband?

I believe there is a slight difference generally.

In the older days, the husband who is the breadwinner will pass some money to the wife and let her pay for everything. He doesn't care where it goes and assume that it's always more than enough. Kids pocket money, groceries, utilities, clothes, books, household items, etc etc, all comes from the small standard amount that the husband gives the wife.

When time changed and both partners start to work, some husbands would still provide some money for the house but they don't keep track and assume that that whatever amount they give is enough to cover ALL household expenses. They don't go shopping with their wifes, they don't care if rice is more expensive this month or fish price has doubled, or that egg is no longer 10cents, or his socks and underwear are not 3 for $5..

Currently most household have both partners working. Most of the time husband no longer physically pass money to the wife. They most probably have a joint account for paying household stuffs and both parties contributes to the fund. The husbands now are more proactive with household stuffs and most of them go shopping with their wifes, to help carry things. They are more aware of the current inflation and that the cost of living is really high. Some of them even does all the shopping because the wife is too busy either with work or with the kids..

oh well, that's a whole chunk of words at 4am. :P

What do you think? Is there a better new generation husband?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Product Testing : Black Sugar Perfect First Serum

Recently I was given a chance to test/review a sample of a new product which is launching soon.
Collected it from an outlet that is closest to my current place.. This is a major plus for me cause I can't travel far with a baby just to grab a sample to try. :p Well not now anyway.. maybe when she can walk on her own or something.... :P

The sample was placed in a huge brown envelope. I was already very excited to collect the sample, seeing that it looks like a "mission" makes me even more excited!

The watch is used to cover my personal details on the envelope. :D

It's one of my favourite skincare brands! Skin Food! :D
Favourite is definitely their Rice mask!❤ and Black sesame mask! ❤

My sample comes with a brochure.
Yes the tagline for this product is "For incredibly smooth skin at every angle".

Since giving birth to my Winnie, I am very envious of her skin.. It's so smooth that I can't stop kissing it. lalala~

My hormones-battled skin on the other hand looks like orange skin. :(
Next to loosing the extra tire around my waist, I wish for better, smoother skin! When I read the tagline, I knew it's a product I have to try!

My sample came with 2 pieces of special cotton pad which the beauty consultant mentioned that there's 2 side to it for 2 uses.

The retail sized Serum comes with a pack of special cotton pads.

Instructions on how to use the special cotton pad. :)

After normal cleaning:
1. Pour Serum into the special cotton pad.
2. Use the "patterned" side to wipe off dead skin cells and impurities.
3. Use the "smooth" side to absorb remaining serum by patting your skin
4. Follow up with your usual skincare~

The "rough" or "patterned" side is for wiping the face.

The normal smooth side for patting, absorbing the serum~

My No. 1 Original Black Sugar Perfect First Serum sample and a cotton pad.
I was busting from excitement while I take this photo.. Can't wait to try it! :D

Smell : Pour out a little on the cotton pad and am captivated by the awesome sweet smell.
I'm in love with the product already! :D

Most of the serum I come across have a "thick lotion" feel but this one feels more like a toner.

First thought after wiping my face with the cotton pad : My face actually does feels cleaner!
But I'm not sure if it's due to the slight cooling feeling from the lotion or does it really removes dead skin cells from my face..

Pardon the lousy photo, taken just before I'm go to bed. :P
I think I have a bit of water retention.. Fat cheeks!! *pouts*

The sample only came with 2 piece of cotton pad so I only managed to use twice with their cotton pad. The third time I used another brand's cotton pad which also has 2 sides. I used to think the cotton pad I was using was great but the one Skin Food gave is even better! Thicker and more "steady". heh. sorry for my lack of vocab.. :P

So the magic question.. Does my skin feels smoother?
Yes it does feels smoother, at least when I put on my moisturizer, it feels smoother? I don't think any product will seriously magically makes orange skin become porcelain after just a few uses.. Yes, it's smoother as compared to previously, before I use this product but there's still a lot more work for my skin to become better again..

On the side note, I do notice that my skin seems to have become a bit brighter though. :D

Will I buy this when it launches?
Maybe yes. Will continue to use this sample and see if the result is temporary, definitely consider to add it to my current skincare regime. :)

My review doesn't state ingredients and all those stuffs that you can find on brochures. Well because you can find them on brochures, I'm not going to repeat the same things which will be plastered everywhere else soon. :P I'm not a professional, so I can't tell you what ingredient is for what uses.. okay, also because I'm a lazy blogger.. :P

Have you tried this Black Sugar Perfect First Serum?
Would you give it a try after reading my review? :)

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Are you same-same or opposite?

Okay, I know my title doesn't really makes sense. Well I seldom do anyway.. haha.

So it suddenly struck me one night to think of what brings 2 person together? Is there a formula that can guarantee a relationship?

Does similar interest, personality, ideas works better or does a case of opposite attracts keep things interesting? Will the attraction stay forever? If not what's the life span (of the attraction/relationship)?

I've never been in much long term relationship before.. no thanks to my short fuse/bad temper and not so loving family.. The longest relationship I have is the one with my mum (25years and counting). Even for the 25 years there was a period of time I didn't felt I had a good relationship with my mum.

I almost felt she doesn't really exist that much in my life until I fall really ill one time and had to be hospitalized. Her tears told me how much she loved me and made me realize she does love and care about me even though she didn't say it all the time...

So back to the topic of relationship.. The longest romantic relationship I have, is with my husband Been with him for 9 years now.. Who would have thought we could be together? With our age gap (8years 2months 2 days :P) and different personality.. we probably didn't seem like a likely pair..

He's social-able, I'm a social disaster.
He goes out with his friends very often, I'm comfortable staying at home rotting on the couch/bed.
He likes complicated stuffs, I prefer simple things.
We have different spending habits at well.

Though there are still many things that are similar between us..
We don't like washing dishes. :P
Our stubbornness and hot temper is comparable. lol
We generally likes the same genre of movie/tv drama.
Our love for some food, like, chocolate, ice-cream, chips and beef.

So are you same-same or is it a case of opposite attracts for you? :)

Monday, August 05, 2013

Vote for my Cutie Pie? :D

Yesterday I decide to enter my cutie pie's photo into a baby photo contest and now I need more votes!

Price : Casio Camera
Contest Ending date : 11 August (Few Days left only!!)

Click on the little "vote" button on the top right corner of the photo. Vote is counted when you will see the number increase by 1. :)

If I do win, I intend to pass the camera to my 3 brothers so they have another camera to play around with.
So vote away for my cutie pie please? : D

Hi mama's blog reader, are you voting for me?

Can you say no to such a cutie?

Thursday, August 01, 2013

New Stalls/Shops at Jurong Point.

Remember sometime back I blogged about Malaysia Boleh! at Jurong Point (Singapore)?

Ok the post is almost 1 year ago.. but guess what?
2 of the restaurants I mentioned in the blog post has opened their outlets/stalls at Jurong Point!

Popeye at JP2 (Level 2/3).
Opened sometime in June and till now (almost 2 months) there's still a long queue outside their outlet everytime we pass by..
Got hubby to queue for takeaway the other day.. :P
Now I no longer have to travel too far just to have Popeye!

Yoshinoya in JP1 Kopitiam (Level 3).
Hubby says there used to be 1 Yoshinoya outlet in JP years back but I don't remember seeing it..
They have recently open a new stall at level 3 Kopitiam food court!
I've been craving for it since I spotted it when we were checking out another stall. :)
Will be getting hubby to pack it back for me again.

Play-kitchen in JP1 Kopitiam (Level 3)
This stall is opened by Ben Yeo, Local actor/host/author.
Their menu includes Hei-Bee Clams in Asian Flavours, Smoked duck breast with fresh veg in Thai sauce, Suckling Chicken Steak with Aglio Olio Spaghetti and Sambal Belachan Grill fish with Aglio Olio Spaghetti. I am quite excited about the hei-bee Clams and Sambal Belachan grill fish. Can't wait to try out when I'm free to have my meal at the foodcourt. Don't really like to eat packed pasta.

Liquid Skin next to JP1 Kopitiam (Level 3).
This shop space used to be for a massage place. It's kinda dark from the outside and I've never step in. Last week while walking around JP, I saw a poster for Eyebrow Threading and I immediately walk-in!
They were having promo and I had my eyebrows and upper-lip area threaded for only S$9.60 (including gst)! Finally a place there's nearby for some threading! No more excuse for messy brows!!!

Having a set of neat eyebrows can really change how a person look!
Comparison of different ways to neaten your brows.
Eyebrow threading (Before and After)

That's all for the new stalls/shops update.

Just realise this post is super wordy so I decide to add a cute photo of Winnie and me. :D

The irritating thing about dark hair colouring?
They don't usually show until the roots grows out. -.-
Before the roots comes out, the colours don't stand out at all.. now it's like such an eye sore.. argh!

What colours should I try for next year's CNY? 6 months to CNY (31st January 2014) and I'm thinking of colours for my hair! I'm also contemplating if I should do bangs for my hair again.. How? :P