Friday, July 05, 2013

4th July is a super awesome day! :D

It's so awesome I just have to blog about it. :P

First! Winnie has started learning how to use her vocals.
Her first words? baba. :D

You can watch videos of her saying baba on instagram or facebook but since I'm in super good mood.. I'll upload the videos here. :)

Hubby and I wants to give credit to this "Minion singing Banana Song" video for teaching her how to say baba.. :P

Second awesome thing.
I finally met up with some friends for dinner, coffee (chocolate drink), chit chat, catch up.
Lovely night out with the girls. :)

Seems like Thursday is Friends night for me cause last Thursday (27th) I met up with my sha mei for dinner. :D

Dinner was at Hot Tomato at The Star Vista. Steak and pawns were okay but pasta is a little overcooked. For a $20 meal, it's quite okay I guess. It comes with a soup, a drink and a small piece of garlic bread. The mall is a lovely place, we went to a open area that's quite "lomantic". No photos cause lightening is not really suitable for photos. hahas.

Since my friends are shy people I shall post this blur photo of us. :P

Pardon my tied up aunty hair. :P

Third awesome thing. I know the above picture doesn't says it but I'm officially confirm chop under my pre-pregnancy weight. Now ranging from 47-49. :D

Can't wait to do proper exercise and drop to a healthier weight. For my height/frame I'm aiming for 40-42kg. I've tried to lose weight before pregnancy and it just didn't work with me eating and sitting around all the time. In fact during cny last year in 2012, I was a whooping 51.5kg. So to lose all pregnancy weight and drop to 47 while still eating normally, it's quite a pleasant surprise to me. :)

My secret? Breastfeeding (technically pumping milk into bottles to feed my baby cause she refuse to nurse..) and eating more clean food like boiled broccoli, homemade soup without any salt, generally more veg in my meals. I'm more careful with what I eat now cause I don't want my baby to have too much junk food in her system and also don't want her to have constipation. :P

I still have my fried chickens, potato chips, ice cream and all the unhealthy food, just not on a daily basis now. :) Imagine I used to have junk food almost every other day because I'm super lazy to cook. There was a period I almost had instant noodle everyday!! Now I have them like once to twice a month. :)

 ok. accidentally turn into a long rambling..Back to 4th of July..

 Our drinks while Winnie have her dinner. :D I believe it's call Dr Cafe Coffee.
They have cute wooden baby chairs which I really liked cause no sharp edge unlike those plastic chairs in many other eating place. :)

Fourth awesome thing on this 4th of July is this!

Yes, I've received my 3rd Nuffnang Cheque!

Being a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mother), I'm practically broke all the time.
This cheque is practically god-send! Thanks Nuffnang!

This cheque has made me more motivated to blog more!
Will update with more blog post as soon as I can! :D

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