Thursday, July 18, 2013

A home for my nail polishes. :P

Finally got a display rack for my nail polishes. :P
3 acrylic display racks and 1 normal plastic rack to be exact. hahas.

1 Rack for Opi polishes
1 Rack for China Glaze + Opi mini
1 Rack for other brands.

The display rack is made to Opi bottles's size so China Glaze bottles doesn't really fit in so well.
Eg the bottom left rack can fit 4 opi bottles per row but can only fit 3 China Glaze bottles per row..

I keep buying similar colours because I forget I have them, when they are tucked in some plastic box.. Now I can see them clearly at a glance, I will remember to buy other colours. :P Like the yellow one I saw the other day.. heh heh heh..

By the way nail polishes have no expiry date, they can stay for a long while.. so I guess it's fine to give them a proper home.. :P

Friday, July 12, 2013

7 months old baby show you standard pushup position.

A soldier's baby.

This is Winnie at 7+months, smiling at me and not at the camera. :)

Over the past week, my cutie pie has learned to sit up on her own! :)

Laying down, she push herself up into a pushup position.. then she slowly shift her hands backwords.. and slowly move into sitting position. She's having a hard time struggling but she just keep trying.

She tried many times and because she's still not so skilled/strong enough for it so she's still using quite a lot of energy each time trying to sit up.. It breaks my heart whenever she falls or knock her head on the sponge puzzle mat. Her cries makes me wish I could stop her from falling but I also know without falling she will never learn from it. The most I can do is make sure she will only fall on the puzzle mat and not the cold and hard floor. When she succeed I just hugged her and teared, felt so proud of her..

Feels really fortunate to be home and witness her every milestone. Being able to record whatever I can and sharing it with my dear husband who is outside working very hard to support his girls.. :P

The following video is one of those times I tried to film her sitting up and it shows how much effort she is putting into it. She didn't really manage to sit up in the end of this "compressed video" but it shows her learning and trying. :)

PS: Her bottom tooth is coming out and I can see just a bit of the teeth now..

PSS: She is starting to look more like girl although most people still thinks she looks like boy.. 

PSSS: In case there's misunderstanding from concerned individuals, the above photo of her in push up position is how she learns to sits up and not something we force her to do. She did it herself and I just capture it.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Free Goodies : Black Mini

Last week, I received a pleasant surprise in my mailbox. :)


Black Mini is the smaller version of Black Box and it's free too! :)

Black Box / Black Mini  is a free subscription box where subscribers receive some samples in their mail or doorstep.

I really like that they give out little pouches. I use this to store bits of paper and notes. :D I prefer the full black ones, anyone with the full black piece wanna exchange with me? :D

In this Black Mini, it's Loreal EverSleek Shampoo and Conditioner.

It's quite a generous sample as usual samples are only in small sachets and good for 1-2 use depending on hair length. This tube could last many washes which is awesome because you can be more certain that the product is really worth to purchase or not.

 I've been using this for a few days now. Hair is soft and feels kinda fluffy. It's fluffy whenever I use conditioner. So far no drama from my sensitive scalp yet *cross fingers* Let's hope it stays that way and I'll have a new shampoo that I can switch to.. :)

Friday, July 05, 2013

4th July is a super awesome day! :D

It's so awesome I just have to blog about it. :P

First! Winnie has started learning how to use her vocals.
Her first words? baba. :D

You can watch videos of her saying baba on instagram or facebook but since I'm in super good mood.. I'll upload the videos here. :)

Hubby and I wants to give credit to this "Minion singing Banana Song" video for teaching her how to say baba.. :P

Second awesome thing.
I finally met up with some friends for dinner, coffee (chocolate drink), chit chat, catch up.
Lovely night out with the girls. :)

Seems like Thursday is Friends night for me cause last Thursday (27th) I met up with my sha mei for dinner. :D

Dinner was at Hot Tomato at The Star Vista. Steak and pawns were okay but pasta is a little overcooked. For a $20 meal, it's quite okay I guess. It comes with a soup, a drink and a small piece of garlic bread. The mall is a lovely place, we went to a open area that's quite "lomantic". No photos cause lightening is not really suitable for photos. hahas.

Since my friends are shy people I shall post this blur photo of us. :P

Pardon my tied up aunty hair. :P

Third awesome thing. I know the above picture doesn't says it but I'm officially confirm chop under my pre-pregnancy weight. Now ranging from 47-49. :D

Can't wait to do proper exercise and drop to a healthier weight. For my height/frame I'm aiming for 40-42kg. I've tried to lose weight before pregnancy and it just didn't work with me eating and sitting around all the time. In fact during cny last year in 2012, I was a whooping 51.5kg. So to lose all pregnancy weight and drop to 47 while still eating normally, it's quite a pleasant surprise to me. :)

My secret? Breastfeeding (technically pumping milk into bottles to feed my baby cause she refuse to nurse..) and eating more clean food like boiled broccoli, homemade soup without any salt, generally more veg in my meals. I'm more careful with what I eat now cause I don't want my baby to have too much junk food in her system and also don't want her to have constipation. :P

I still have my fried chickens, potato chips, ice cream and all the unhealthy food, just not on a daily basis now. :) Imagine I used to have junk food almost every other day because I'm super lazy to cook. There was a period I almost had instant noodle everyday!! Now I have them like once to twice a month. :)

 ok. accidentally turn into a long rambling..Back to 4th of July..

 Our drinks while Winnie have her dinner. :D I believe it's call Dr Cafe Coffee.
They have cute wooden baby chairs which I really liked cause no sharp edge unlike those plastic chairs in many other eating place. :)

Fourth awesome thing on this 4th of July is this!

Yes, I've received my 3rd Nuffnang Cheque!

Being a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mother), I'm practically broke all the time.
This cheque is practically god-send! Thanks Nuffnang!

This cheque has made me more motivated to blog more!
Will update with more blog post as soon as I can! :D