Friday, May 17, 2013

Nice cupcakes. :D

  For Winnie's full month celebration I ordered some awesome cupcakes.

They are really nice imo, not too sweet. :D

There were quite a number of raves from friends and relatives, so last week for Mother's Day celebration, we order some.

Decide to try another flavour and ordered strawberry and chocolate chip.
So glad that this time they remember to wrap them individually for me. :D

 The Strawberry flavour ones has a gummy on top.

But my favourite flavour till now is still Chocolate Overload. Yummeh.. heh.
 For those interested to know where I ordered these lovely cupcakes from, it's from There are other shops selling cheaper cupcakes but those cupcakes are too sweet for my liking..

Do you have a favourite cupcake shop/flavour? Do share with me. :)

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Young Werther said...

Congrats! Expecting many red packets? Where's the angkoo (or red kuih)?