Saturday, February 02, 2013

Shopping madness part2

So the items I ordered are almost all here. :D
Here's the promised post. hahas.

Bought rice mask, used this since a few years back. :)
Came with 2 samples.

My first Hollister order! :)

1top and 2 shorts for hubby. 2tops and 4 shorts for me.
out of which 3shorts are kinda too small for me right now.
I'm sure with abit of exercise I'll fit in soon! :P

Anyway I ordered 2 more tops and 2 more bigger size shorts.
Now you all know my CNY gear super casual this year.. :P
bo bians. upgraded to aunty liao.. can't wear skirt cause I very clumsy.
can't wear anything with studs/blings/holes cause will be carrying bb so have to becareful..

2 packets. seriously always never enough one.. :P
and that's her tiny foot there. haha

Bought this cute socks for Winnie but it's a little big. :(

Bought a bag of clothes from a local blogger..

It's kinda like a grabbag.. so end up more than half doesn't really suit me..
Gonna sell or donate them away.. :(
If you're interested in low priced clothes, check out my new Instashop here.

Bought this Mascara, can't wait to try out!! :D

Decide to colour my hair for CNY.
Bought hair colouring kit during a 1+1 promo.
Only paid S$9.90 for 2 box of The Face Shop hair colouring kits!

It came with 2 samples too. :)

Will blog about the hair coloring kit in the next post! :)

Yes I've tried it. :)

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