Thursday, January 03, 2013

Malaysia Boleh! Food pics :)

Finally manage to get a seat with the help my my awesome husband and tried some food at this "new" foodcourt on 3rd November 2012.

Out of 3 stalls we bought food from 2 wasn't to our liking. :(
Would probably try other stalls when I've the time..

This look like Ngoh Hiang (五香) thing is actually call Lobak here.
The meat inside is bigger piece as compared to Ngoh Hiang which is more like minced meat?
Overall not really tasty, prefer our traditional Ngoh Hiang that you can find in coffeeshops/market where they will "fry" the food again before serving.. :)

Wanted Marconi but hubby couldn't find so he bought this for me.
Food is very blend and portion is very small. Like kid's portion? >.<
Will not purchase again I think. Not worth it..

3rd stall was a stall selling fried stuffs.
Had the 3-in-1 Nian Gao, which has Yam, Sweet Potato and Nian Gao kiap together and fried.
It's unhealthy but really nice! :)
Tried the durian and jackfruit ones too and they are really tasty

 We also had drinks from the drinks stall which was okay.

This is my third post on Malaysia Boleh.
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Amy said...

the noodle looks great! yummy =)

- Amy