Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cotton On - online

Cotton on online has this Free Shipping promo going on and I decide to purchase some random stuffs. It's really awesome that they allow this free shipping promo to work for SALES items too!
So I grab like 14 items and paid only S$60. :P

1 thing that surprises me is the super fast delivery!
Sent in my order on 14th Jan and received my parcel at my door on 16th Jan!

 The Box

I like this plastic bubble thing used to protect the items inside the box. :)

Very useful for those who often send out parcels and need something that is cost effective to fill the empty gaps.. :)

 My awesome stuffs. :P
Includes 2 long sleeve shirts for my brothers, 1 Large shorts, 3 Tops, 1 Cap, 1 inner wear, 1 pair of slippers for casual wear, 3 Notebooks, 1 Mug and 1 Umbrella!

What's super worth it? The 2 Long Sleeve Tops which I got at abt 70% off! :)

S$2 Slippers. :D

S$1-S$3 Notebooks

S$2 Umbrella

Just checked their site and they seemed to have added more stuffs to the SALE section!!
Now waiting for the rest of my purchase from various sources to come in!!

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