Sunday, January 13, 2013

13th Jan 2013 - Mother and Daughter camwhore. hahas

Alright, she does look like she's being forced to take photos with me. :P

My cutie pie has so many expression and each one's so cute.
Must take lots of photos with her so when she's all grown up and no longer want to take photos with me, I still got these photos to look at. :D

Serious lack of sleep nowadays.. but we still think I've made the right choice to give up working and look after her myself. Probably need to find some home-base work to do once I've familiarised with the child caring stuffs..

Today she is 6 weeks old.
A beauty in our eyes.
Yes she looks like a miniature of her dad.
She's as stubborn as the both of us.
Love her to bits!

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