Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cotton On - online

Cotton on online has this Free Shipping promo going on and I decide to purchase some random stuffs. It's really awesome that they allow this free shipping promo to work for SALES items too!
So I grab like 14 items and paid only S$60. :P

1 thing that surprises me is the super fast delivery!
Sent in my order on 14th Jan and received my parcel at my door on 16th Jan!

 The Box

I like this plastic bubble thing used to protect the items inside the box. :)

Very useful for those who often send out parcels and need something that is cost effective to fill the empty gaps.. :)

 My awesome stuffs. :P
Includes 2 long sleeve shirts for my brothers, 1 Large shorts, 3 Tops, 1 Cap, 1 inner wear, 1 pair of slippers for casual wear, 3 Notebooks, 1 Mug and 1 Umbrella!

What's super worth it? The 2 Long Sleeve Tops which I got at abt 70% off! :)

S$2 Slippers. :D

S$1-S$3 Notebooks

S$2 Umbrella

Just checked their site and they seemed to have added more stuffs to the SALE section!!
Now waiting for the rest of my purchase from various sources to come in!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

PRE CNY Shopping Madness. :P

Chinese New Year is approaching! Have you bought your new clothes?
If you've not purchase any, you currently have less than a month left! :P

Afraid that I don't have any new clothes to wear, I started ordering some new clothes online. Shopping is just so irresistible!! End up ordering many many stuffs online. -.-''

Can't wait for all these awesome stuffs to reach and blog about them. heh. :D

2 Packs of Handkerchief for my cutie pie.
Some beauty stuffs.
Clothes from 1 local blogger.
Clothes and random nik nacks from 1 local site.
Clothes from 1 US site.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

13th Jan 2013 - Mother and Daughter camwhore. hahas

Alright, she does look like she's being forced to take photos with me. :P

My cutie pie has so many expression and each one's so cute.
Must take lots of photos with her so when she's all grown up and no longer want to take photos with me, I still got these photos to look at. :D

Serious lack of sleep nowadays.. but we still think I've made the right choice to give up working and look after her myself. Probably need to find some home-base work to do once I've familiarised with the child caring stuffs..

Today she is 6 weeks old.
A beauty in our eyes.
Yes she looks like a miniature of her dad.
She's as stubborn as the both of us.
Love her to bits!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Adjusting to my new life

Almost 6 weeks and I'm still slowly adjusting to life with my cutie pie.
My mum's been here all the time now I don't know if I can handle my cutie pie without her. :(

Well, all the best to me. :P

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Malaysia Boleh! Food pics :)

Finally manage to get a seat with the help my my awesome husband and tried some food at this "new" foodcourt on 3rd November 2012.

Out of 3 stalls we bought food from 2 wasn't to our liking. :(
Would probably try other stalls when I've the time..

This look like Ngoh Hiang (五香) thing is actually call Lobak here.
The meat inside is bigger piece as compared to Ngoh Hiang which is more like minced meat?
Overall not really tasty, prefer our traditional Ngoh Hiang that you can find in coffeeshops/market where they will "fry" the food again before serving.. :)

Wanted Marconi but hubby couldn't find so he bought this for me.
Food is very blend and portion is very small. Like kid's portion? >.<
Will not purchase again I think. Not worth it..

3rd stall was a stall selling fried stuffs.
Had the 3-in-1 Nian Gao, which has Yam, Sweet Potato and Nian Gao kiap together and fried.
It's unhealthy but really nice! :)
Tried the durian and jackfruit ones too and they are really tasty

 We also had drinks from the drinks stall which was okay.

This is my third post on Malaysia Boleh.
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