Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I just became the the type of mummy a lot of people hate. :(

*This post is written on 28th-29th  December, scheduled to post while I'm away on holiday~ :D

Heard complaints from some that they really dislike those mummies who post gazillion photos of their kids. I have become one of those. :( I spam photos of my baby girl everywhere! On instagram, on facebook, on blogspot. I take lots of shots and just post almost all on facebook even if they are super blur. :P

Pet peeves for most people but I just can't help it..
I just want to share it out even if no one comments on any of the photos or even if no one likes the photos..

One may ask why do I take so many photos when they all look the same? It's the same baby and the poses sometimes are the same.. so why so many photos??

I try to snap good photos but sometimes their reactions/expressions changes in split seconds and I just want to capture as much as possible just for a really good shot. Then I am lazy to filter out the bad ones so I just post them up. :P

This set of photos is taken recently.. The lighting is really good so I snapped a few photos until she saw me taking photos of her.. :P

She was looking out of the window, exploring with her sight. When she saw me taking photos of her she started blabbering in some baby language that I still can't tell what it means. This often happens. Sometimes she gives me kisses (make the muack sound) and sometimes she pouts or smiles at me. All these expressions are really dear to me.. because I know it wouldn't be long before she starts to grow up and suddenly becomes a teenager and thinks her mum is too uncool to share anything with

I will try to filter the photos (at least take out the blur ones) before posting next time. :P

Are you also one of us mummies who take too many photos? Or are you with those who just cannot stand mummies who post lots of photos of their babies? or a little bit of both? Share with me~ :)

I am bloging this from Taiwan~~

2 days and 2 nights here and I decide to blog a little cause I couldn't sleep after waking up by the little one.. she had a nightmare. .

Blogging this on my phone so the format may appear weird. :P

Weather is really cold here (12-14°) but it's getting warmer...

Fruitless trip so far cause I have not been to the temple I want to go to and also have not really gone crazy buying much things for myself. :(

Thus far I have mainly spent on :
● Food.
● Stuffs for our cutie pie (socks, mittens, birthday date bear).
● 5pairs of socks for myself to wear in 2014 (baby gym classes need it). NT100
● 2 mini rack/table for my work stuffs.
● 1 umbrella NT450 (overpriced but I needed it so yeah)
● 1 hair trim NT100 (under SGD5)
● Some lottery scratch cards (no luck this year so not going to buy anymore for this trip)
● 1 cute ducky headgear with scarf mitten thingy.

The husband got me a little pinky finger ring which I like. :D

Was a little upset at first cause trip couldn't be like what I hope it would be but after seeing someone's comment on a friend's Facebook status I feel guilty and then.. I am happier. :)

His status was something like he wants to be happier in 2014.
and his friend commented something like you do know that you are in control right.

You can choose to be happy or unhappy for everything. If I am going to let myself feel grouchy (probably also due to pms) for this trip, it's just going to ruin it further so I decide to be happy as much as possible..

● Not given the chance to shop? Well at least I kinda saved some money maybe there is a better thing waiting for me to purchase. :P
● Not eating the food I want? Well at least I get to eat hot food in this cold weather..
● Kids are too noisy? At least they are really excited for this holiday.
● Keep going back to hotel to rest? Well it's good for baby and myself to nap a little during the day. We do that on normal days so why not rest our busy day at the comfort of the hotel room?
● Bad skin throughout the trip? Maybe my skincare don't work that we'll In this weather but at least I know my skincare works fine for our weather in SG. :)
● Baby keep asking for her dad or grandparents? At least I don't have to carry her the whole trip. :P 11kg is not really light. :P

Happy go lucky. I believe if I change the way I feel I will be really lucky soons~ Hahas. Jiayous! Fighting!

By the way it's 2014 in approximate 18+ hours later, here's wishing everyone an enjoyable and awesome New Year!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Another scheduled post. :D

*This post is written on 29th December 12+AM, scheduled to post while I'm away on holiday~ :D

- Just want to blog cause it's 12.30pm and I'm still very excited about the trip.
My flight is in a few hours so I think I may not be sleeping... Will try to see if I can nap 2-3hrs after this post...

The other day (21st December) we (Hubby, myself and our cutie pie) were out at West Mall to run some errands and we chance upon a machine that we have not touched for a long while..

So I requested to use it..

And here's the end product~


Neoprints taken at the timezone arcade! :D
It's our first family neoprint shot.. The last time I used this machine, Winnie was still inside my tummy luh.. (See post : 98th Monthiversary ($4 neoprint / S$9 Weekend Movie)

The good thing about blogging eh? Just search and the info you want about your past just pops up. hahas. When is the last time you used this 90s popular machine? Do you still keep all the old neoprints? :)

hahas. okay abrupt end to this scheduled post here.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

113 Monthniversary~ Wil be back next year!

Scheduled this post to be published while I'm on the plane~

Finally get to go overseas again.. This time going to Taiwan, Taipei again! :P
Went to Taiwan in 2010 for photoshoot and tour, then again in 2011 with my 傻妹, "rest" for year 2012 cause I moved house, had a wedding and also gave birth to my cutie pie. This year I'm going back there again! hahas. Main aim is to visit the temple, go crazy shopping.. and last but not least is to experience the cold weather!

Source: Google search: Taiwan Weather Forecast

Our first day there is going to be very very cold at approx 12degrees!

Going for 4nights, so will be back by the 5th day.. which means I will not be in Singapore until 2014! So see you all next year! hahas.

Since I will be away during New Year..
HAPPY NEW YEAR! in advance to all readers, friends and family! Love ya all! :D

While I'm still rambling.. I also want to say I love you hubby! :D
It's our 113 Monthniversary! (9years and 5months)

I'm the kind of person who gets excited before every event especially if it's going overseas! I can't seem to fall asleep. So here I am.. typing this random entry cause I'm too excited again. :P How about you? Are you the type who can't sleep when you're excited for an event? or you never have any issue trying to fall asleep?

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Want to win an Ipad Air 16GB (Wifi) worth S$688?

Blogged about this new shop and sell site for Mummies sometime back.. They gave away a Bugaboo Bee stroller (worth S$1149) just last week! If you missed it, you would be glad to know they are giving away an Ipad Air 16GB (Wifi)!

Have been thinking of getting an Ipad for a while but other more important things keep popping up like my store needs more funds or I need to save for some other events or item.. Now I'm kinda flat broke.. Hopes I'm lucky enough to win this! :D

All you need to do:
1. Register an account here, follow by
2. Liking their facebook page and you'll automatically get a chance to win the Ipad Air 16GB (Wifi)!

If you have already done these steps previously, you will still be in for the Ipad Air 16GB (wifi) lucky draw! Super cool right?

Even if you did not win, this awesome site will still give you a S$10 credit just for  Signing up!
Right now I'm still planning what should I get with my S$10 credit. :D

This webpage is still in the starting stage but there's some cool deals of toys and branded handbags.. Soon they will be launching a few more projects and I can't wait to see them!

Remember, all you need to do is just sign up here !
No purchase needed! You don't even need to provide Credit Card details! isn't it awesome?

Friday, December 27, 2013


How times flies~ I always feel emotional when Christmas is here.. Maybe because the year is coming to an end and my brain is trying to do an end of year P/L statement and Balance sheet of the year's emotions and happenings.. hahas.

Here are some presents I have received in the past month form friends and family~

From my 傻小妹. She even got a combine present for my little girl (Birthday + Christmas). Can't wait to open it.. hahas. I got her a little something too, hope she likes it..
Didn't get to see much of her this year cause I'm like always tired or stuck at home with baby but nonetheless I enjoy her company whenever she comes all the way to the west to visit me. :D

Thanks Sis! :)

From my hubby... Okay, he got me a lot of stuffs but these are the more awesome presents~~ :P

 Using this steamer to cook almost everything.
Porridge, soup, steam fish, chicken, steam buns, steam sweet potatoes, steam vegs.
The best thing? No need to wash many pots and pans! :D

 A pair of Minnie Mouse white gold earrings from SK.
I wanted to buy this for myself but he paid for it. :P

From my mummy. :D
Okay so my mum also buys me alot of stuffs too but this is really sweet of her cause she knows I'm diabetic and she heard from don't know where that Cranberries are good for diabetics..

 This kinda summarize what I got this year. Not a lot of items but all from my loved ones. :)

Merry Belated Christmas and a happy near year too all~

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sponsored Review : Mygenlife Beauty Collagen

Recently turned 25 and decide that it's really time to take good care of my skin (especially after giving birth, my skin condition changed). Skin becomes dull, slightly dry with lots of humongous pores. Obviously my usual skincare routine is not going to help with my new skin conditions.. So I thought I should try changing things from inside instead... I started taking beauty supplements.

I was on M brand collagen for a month and it worked okay, my skin condition improves a little. My only issue with that brand of collagen is that it's in powder form and I have to mix it with warm drink like hazelnut latte or Milo (tried cold drinks once and I really hate the taste). So now I'm trying out other brands to look for something suitable for me and my lifestyle.

This Christmas I am one of the lucky ones to receive a set of Mygenlife Drinks for review. Perks of being a blogger!

There are 5 different types of Mygenlife Drinks (Slimming, Detox, Beauty Collagen, Whitening and Bustful) each for different concerns and I got the Beauty Collagen Nectar. :)

Mygen Life Drinks is a brand new beauty supplement drink launching this December! Doesn't sound familiar to you? How about Ba Wang 霸王, ITOH Collagen (KEVIN老師 as its celebrity endorsement?), Royal Wind and Friven & Co? Yes, they are all under Hannah Holdings. :)

More about Beauty Collagen Nectar drink:
This product is formulated in the U.S.A and manufactured in Taiwan.
The drink uses an intensive formula to improve water binders which helps keep your skin supple, radiant and firm. Continuous replenished collagen levels + skin sufficiently hydrated = wrinkle-free, rosy and supple look. (Results may vary and if you're nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, please consult a doctor before consuming this product).

Main Ingredients: 
Collagen ( fish, 12,000mg )
I have no idea what collagen does until recently, only knew that pig skin has it and mummy always say we have to eat it to have good skin. Now that I'm grown up enough to do my own reading up, let me try to explain in as simple terms as possible (from my understanding, could be wrong, don't take my word for it.)

Collagen is what makes our skin looking "full" thus making us look young. The good thing is our body produces collagen, however once we reach our 20s, the collagen produced by our body will drop and it continues to drop as time goes!

Green Tea
This is a rich in polyphenols that fight free radicals. The antioxidants present in Green Tea helps to slow down the aging process helping you look younger. (Literally copied from their box as I've not done much reading on Green Tea but we've all at some point read articles stating that green tea is beneficial for health right?)

“Queen of Fruits “ contains naturally occurring xanthones, antioxidants and many nutrients which are beneficial to your body and helps slow down the aging process. (ditto above : read Green Tea)

A unique blend of berries including blueberry, strawberry, cranberry bilberry, elderberry and raspberry to provide the maximum antioxidant for the whole body. What I know about berries? They are delicious and many describe them as Power fruit/Super fruit. When I was young I hated berries cause I always get the sour ones. Now that I'm older, I appreciate berries a lot more. Recently started taking cranberry juice for health benefits. :)

With so much collagen I'm kinda worried that it's going to have a fishy smell/taste but it's stated on the box as natural fruity flavour so I'm kinda looking forward to it.. Hope it doesn't disappoint.. :P

So here's to firm and supple skin! Cheers~

The drink has a sweet fruity scent which I quite like.
It feels like a thick fruit juice with a tinge of sour aftertaste. Somewhat like smooth blended berries?
I really like that it's really convenient, as in I don't have to mix it with any drinks and can just drink out of the bottle!

Mygenlife Beauty Collagen drink is available at Guardian outlets and Hannah Holding's Website at S$49.90 for a box.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sample Siao.

These are the free samples I redeemed in the past 2 months...
I know I'm so crazy. :P
Some of them I paid for postage, some came with free postage but I think it's absolutely worth it! :D

Being a stay at home mum means I don't get to go out much to try things over the counter and having samples that I choose sent to my house, saves me time and energy~ Some of the items comes in retail sizes and it's really worth much more than the postage I paid!

Where to find a few hours writing reviews?
What I currently do is I try the product and then follow by writing a short review on SampleStore, once I've done all the items in a packet I will post the reviews here. :D Good strategy right? hahas.

There's usually 2-4 types of items in a pack. I go thru them quite fast sometimes depending on what kind of items and when can I use it.. :) Like skincare will take a while cause need to use a few times to see effect. Makeup is the easiest to review hahas but it's really rare to come across makeup samples. Hope to see more makeup samples. :p

Household stuffs are also fun for me to try because though I have been staying in my own house for a while I have not really tried different stuffs. Usually buys back the same brands as it's easier for my husband to buy them and no need to spend time thinking if this is better or that is cheaper... :)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Suddenly Beautiful?

 Please forgive me for the duckface, I haven done this for a long time luh~

So recently I get compliments that my skin looks awesome now.
Even get people asking me what did I consume, that causes my skin to look so good.

The answer?

My Note 3!

Okay since I lost my Note 2 (the last time I lost my phone was about 10years ago I think?),
my husband got me a new phone (installment).
and there's actually a function that allows me to take awesome selfies. :P

There's 5 levels that we can choose depending on how "strong" we want the effect to be, I usually only use 3 out of 5. :D level 5 is like plastic smooth you know.. really scary. lol.

See photos below for example of with (lvl 3) and without the beauty effect.

On the side note, I am currently taking collagen and yes I do find my skin have improved slightly overall as compared to previously but it's not so much that people will notice yet.. Maybe one day people will notice my skin change in real life.. but till then I shall only take selfies with my Note 3. :P