Monday, December 31, 2012

Winnie's Full Month Celebration 30.12.2012

First I would like to Thank everyone who turn up and also apologise for not being a very good host.

Next I would like to apologise to those who I've not invited due to limited space in my tiny house. We decide to have a buffet at our house instead of booking a place as it's more difficult to book a place during end of year period. Our tiny den is not very huge so I could only invite a few people..

I'm kinda tired after today's event. So this will be a quick post with some photos.. :)

Gift from Thomson Medical.. Forget to take photo of it the other day. :P

Lovely Cupcakes!

Customised with Winnie's name. :)

Winnie's presents from all our friends and relatives. :)

Thanks everyone! :)

Buffet due to some reason wasn't to my liking though, next event will most probably use another caterer.

Winnie's First Hair Cut.
My Cutie Pie. :D


Young Werther said...

So you getting any sleep at night?

Remember being up half the night watching TV and burping my kid!

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Limited sleep I would say. :p