Saturday, December 15, 2012

Now Playing: Chefville (FB) & Candy Crush Saga (App)

Been playing lot of these 2 games lately.

Chefville's a zynga game on Facbeook and Candy Crush Saga is on my android phone (can play on facebook too!)

Starting playing Chefville a few months back and haven really stop playing since.. They have many on-going quest and it's not that difficult to clear them. You don't need too many friends either, maybe around 10 will be enough. :) I might stop playing it if I keep being not able to finish those quest.. :P Recently they have far too many quest with time limit and I just can't finish them. :(

Candy Crush Saga is fun but I keep getting stuck at certain stages and it's kinda annoying when I only have 5 lives and I keep finishing them too soon. :( The time to "heal" takes too long and every little "help" prompts you to pay for them. Kinda makes it seems like that purposely make the game "un-passable" so you will spend money to purchase those "little helps". Just started playing this game a few days back, not sure if the "heat" can last. :P

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