Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Re-discovering my MU stash.

Been neglecting my dress up cupboard for a long while..
Until recently I decide to relocate the items to clear the cupboard for Winnie's stuffs. :)

Found tons of treasure and junks. lol.
In order to save space, I had to ziplock my stuffs.
Unopened make up and still useable makeup packed into little bags and threw away all the old and expired makeup.. May need to spring clean my mu again when it's near CNY.. Cause I don't rmb when I got some of them. :P

I have like 40 pairs of fake lashes. hoho. Just never got to use them.. No events to go to leh..
Which reminds me, I've got to buy new glue and mu cleanser before CNY.. The last trip to Watsons I couldn't find the expensive spray thing they were selling. :(

These are 90% of what's left..

All the lip stuffs, for the sweetest pout in the world. hahas.
I keep thinking I don't have enough of them but seriously I still have at least 6 pieces still in their wrappers! :P

Brushes are like the best investment and they don't have short expiry dates! :D
If you buy lousy quality ones, not only will your mu be not as smooth, they'll scratch your skin too!

 Eye/Eyebrow stuffs.
My favorite eyebrow powder from makeupstore (black one with a big M) is going to expire soons. :(
I threw away like 15 eyeliners (mostly gel and liquid liners) cause I've kept them for far too long. :P

My favourite piece is a gift from a friend, it comes with a brush and it's really sweet. :D
Second favourite is the MAC one that I just bought. :)

Huge pack of all the bases plus a couple of highlighters..
There's like 4 items I've not opened to use. :P
So far Maybelline's products seems to suit me ok.
I've their Mineral Powder 2way Foundation, Liquid Foundation and BB Stick. heh.

 Most importantly, mu removers! I've a big bottle in the bathroom for normal makeup..
If I need to get rid of eye makeup, these are more useful. :)

Oh well, that's about all for now.
 Can't wait to use them again soons. :D

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